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1) Sort the drugs below in order of the anticipated onset of their blood glucose lowering effect: A. Tolbutamide B. Insulin C. Troglitazone 1)Insulin acts immediately. 2) Tolbutamide triggers the release of existing insulin. 3) Glitazones act by transcriptionally upregulating insulin signaling components = slowest 2) Nicorandil is a new drug of the nitrate group (NO donor) that is used to treat angina pectoris. An additional effect of nicorandil is the opening of ATP-gated potassium channels. What are likely side effects and drug interactions of this drug? As an activator of ATP-gated potassium channels Nicorandil will inhibit insulin secretion from the beta-islet cells. It opposes in its mechanism the actions of sulfonyl-urea based drugs (tolbutamide, glyburide, etc.) that are used to treat diabetes. 3) Glucocorticoid therapy leads to the suppression of ACTH release and consequently to decreased concentrations of aldosterone. Nevertheless, GCs cause sodium and water retention, and hypertension. Explain!
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