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Bimm 118 Worksheet #2 TA: John Diep For #1 and #2; answer in terms of hydrophilicity/lipophilicity of drug and base. 1. For percutaneous drugs, which formulation provides the best absorption? Explain. Lipophilic Drug in Hydrophilic Base – best absorption -drug readily separates from base and can penetrate lipophilic membranes of the body 2. What is the most suitable formulation for a sun block lotion? Explain. Hydrophilic Drug in Lipophillic Base – Hydrophilic drugs cannot be absorbed thru the skin -the drug and base will separate; but drug remains on skin surface -base acts as an occlusive covering Examples: waterproof sun block/tan lotion, neomycin 3. What determines the site of drug delivery for nebulizers (pulmonary meds)? Size of aerosol determines the site of drug delivery in the respiratory tract >100um: nasopharynx 10-100um: trachea and bronchii <10um: bronchioli and alveoli -small particles penetrate deeper in the respiratory tract 4. List the 4 requirements for parenteral drugs.
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