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TECHNICAL ANALYSIS AND CHARTING COURSE OVERVIEW "Technical analysis is based upon the idea that markets move in trends, and that trends are determined by investor's reactions to a wide variety of changing forces" (Pring). The class' objective is to present you with the existing tools of technical analysis as a mean of understanding market workings, projecting market swings, and capitalizing on investment opportunities. Basic Principles The Market Cycle Model and Basic Trend Identification Support and resistance Price Patterns The Ups and Downs of Trendlines Price Patterns for Traders Moving Averages Principle of Momentum Key momentum Indicators How to make Volume work for you Introduction to Candlestick Charting Quick Tips on Practical Trading Tactics MATERIAL USED : A packet of technical charts. "Technical Analysis Explained" by Martin J. Pring OFFICE HOURS and EMAIL : My office hours are Tuesday, Thursday and Friday .Please drop me an email prior
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Unformatted text preview: to an appointments schedule. My email is [email protected] . My office phone number is 04 93 95 45 97. • Try to ask your question by email first if it is not personal. In many cases the answer can easily be given by email and you can expect to be in short time. • If you need a long meeting, please try to arrange a convenient arrangement. GRADING : Grading will be based on class participation, quizzes and a final examination. Class participation : Charts studies and analysis will represent the main part of class participation. Class participation will count for 20% of the final grade. Performance will be based on quality and quantity of your comments. Quizzes : will count for 40% of the final grade. We will have bi-monthly multiple choice quizzes. Final examination : The final examination will total 40% of the final grade. The final will be a multiple choice exam ....
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