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Chem340 Physical Chemistry for Biochemists Dr. Yoshitaka Ishii Homework 9 Due Date Apr. 15 (Wed), 2009 P8.3-5, P8.7, P8.10, P8.18 * , P8.20, P8.22, P8.32, P8.36, P8.45 Note: Change P8.18 as “The partial molar volumes of water and ethanol in a solution with x H2O = 0.60 at 25 C are 17.0 and 57.0 …. .” Q1. (Modified from P8.15) The data in the Table below shows the vapor pressure of water (component A) and methanol (B) at 39.9°C. x A y A P (Torr) 0.0490 0.0175 257.9 0.3120 0.1090 211.3 0.4750
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Unformatted text preview: 0.1710 184.4 0.6535 0.2550 156.0 0.7905 0.3565 125.7 (a) Plot P vs X A . By fitting the data to a linear curve, obtain P A * and P B * assuming that the solution is an ideal solution. (b) The actual vapor pressure of pure water is 55.03 Torr and that of methanol is 255.6Torr at 39.9 C. Using the vapor pressures and the data from the table above, calculate the activity coefficients for both components using a Raoults law standard state. Make a table. Q2. Solve P8.16...
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