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Hamlet2 - Sarvepalli 1 Shravan Sarvepalli 7:30 A/C days...

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Sarvepalli 1 Shravan Sarvepalli 7:30 A/C days December 1, 2005 Searching the Heart of an “Emo” Teenager In the dreary post-Renaissance Era, people dressed poorly, spoke an archaic version of our language and peeled caked sweat off their skin. In today’s ever-changing world, the people differ only on a superficial level than the people who first saw William Shakespeare’s Hamlet . For instance, if a man from the Elizabethan era were to teleport into our world, he would eventually adjust to our culture. His new friends would bear a great degree of resemblance to his former friends. Although a commoner today proudly boasts his civilized lifestyle, essentially he just dresses better, talks different, and takes showers more often than Shakespeare’s friends. Just as Hamlet hides his emotions from others and broods, young teenagers today slam the door shut on their parents to deal with the whirlpool of emotions in their brain on their own. Under the circumstances, a young teen today would behave the same way around a girl as Hamlet behaved around Ophelia. Any director that truly wants to portray the magnitude of emotions in Hamlet would draw upon this idea. Today’s American teens would undoubtedly be the best audience for Shakespeare’s characterization of Hamlet. The young thirteen or fourteen year olds themselves ruminate over the same emotional dilemmas that Hamlet describes in his celebrated soliloquies. As he tries to emulate an American teenager from Shakespeare’s world, the eponymous character becomes more important. Nowadays, young people draw most of their cultural and social values from the mass media. Statistics show that the
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Sarvepalli 2 entertainment industry is one of the biggest industries in the United States. Also, going to the movies is a very popular social activity among teens. The new play will definitely be unique if a director transforms Hamlet into popular, recognizable characters from movies or other media. Shakespeare’s plays do not make as much of an impact on the modern world because it is unable to make as bold of a statement as it did in a different period. This play will give teenagers the exact experience that Shakespeare imparted on his audience. To dress Hamlet like a troubled American teenager and cast him respectively would be the director’s challenge. Several psychologists spend their entire careers trying to understand a teenager’s mind. Employing their resources would add to Hamlet’s
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