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Iambic Pentameter Luke(2)

Iambic Pentameter Luke(2) - His glasses thick and sporty...

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Gaurav Singh Genius, Baby-Gentleman in Suits From sandbox to the open world he went He saw the world as playground—carefree place. Tomorrow was of no concern to him. Importance was in the time of today. A good today means lots of learning well— and this fact he knew very, very, well. The periodic tables studied he. Since learning was prioritized at home. To IMSA he came for this learning well. He could take life with knowledge that he has. With this belief he’s lived throughout his life. His clothes do show is intellect at times. His suits and pants convey his aptitude. The suits have buttons like a diplomat’s.
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Unformatted text preview: His glasses, thick and sporty, are too chic. His style conveys his gentleman technique. A gentleman is he to all he knows. He holds the door to be a good, kind, man. He tries to please all with his charms and skill. But people realize his surface show. Life’s intricacies he knows not at all. A playground he thinks of this life at hand. Life is no playground in reality. His childish views on life are always false. So people realize he’s immature. A gentleman in suits outside his self, A guy who’s smart in ways of only books, He knows not of the world too well for now....
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