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November 21, 2006 Chapter 10 (con’t) Aggression Roots of Aggression Four main explanations: Evolutionary Biologically based Reaction to frustration Learned behavior Evolutionary Starts with observation that men are more physically aggressive than women Male aggression as a strategy for gaining resources, defense against attacks, intimidating/eliminating other male rivals for females, deterring mates from infidelity Biological Roots Neural influences - prefrontal cortex plays a part in stifling unwanted behaviors/thoughts - impulse control - this cortex has been found to be less active in non-abused murderers than normal people and smaller in antisocial men than non-antisocial men Genetics Influences - ½ of identical twins of convicted criminals (but only 1/5 of fraternal twins) also have criminal records - Genes can predispose people to respond aggressively to maltreatment. However, your genes do not necessarily shape your destiny. The nurture you experience interacts with the genes you are born with. Biochemical influences
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November_21_spsych - November 21, 2006 Chapter 10 (con't)...

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