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Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science University of California at Davis ECH 155B Chemical Engineering Laboratory Summer Session II, 2009 Instructor: W. D. Ristenpart 3012 Bainer Hall 530.752.8780 [email protected] Office hours: Mondays 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm, or by appointment Teaching Assistants: Beste Bayramoglu 3108 Bainer Hall (office hours by appointment) [email protected] Ian Klink 1318 Bainer Hall (office hours by appointment) [email protected] Course Goals: The first goal of this laboratory course is to provide you with experience – in project planning, use of laboratory equipment, data collection and engineering analysis. The second equally important goal is to develop your skills in communicating your findings to others in a clear, concise manner. This communication is achieved through written and oral reports based on the experimental results. These reports should enhance your communication skills in a setting where you learn about the operation of intermediate-scale experiments, have the opportunity to review prior course work, and explore new areas of study. The experiments in this course require you to integrate much of your previous and current course work into the analysis of complex engineering systems. For example, the oxygen mass transfer experiment involves fluid mechanics and mass transfer in porous media, so you are expected to make use of and expand upon what you learned in ECH 141 and 142. Effective communication of your results will be emphasized. Engineering involves the solving of problems, but the best solution is not useful unless it is combined with effective communication. Alumni uniformly cite ECH 155A&B as crucial courses because of the writing and oral presentation skills they acquired during the preparation and presentation of the reports. Grading: It is vital that you work effectively with the members of your group in each stage of the coursework: during preparation of the experimental plans, in the laboratory itself, and in the presentation of your oral report. Regarding the written report, you are encouraged to share ideas concerning your analysis of the two experiments, and you may share with members of your own group any analyzed data obtained by the group prior to the completion of the experimentation; otherwise, the written work that you submit for a grade must be your own, i.e., you must be the master of the material to which you have affixed your name. 1
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ECH 155B, SSII 2009 COURSE SYLLABUS The assignments and grading weights are as follows: One written report (individual grade) Initial submission 100 points Revised submission 25 points One oral presentation (group grade) Presentation quality 110 points Written appendices 15 points Two experimental plans (group grade) 30 points Two laboratory notebooks (group grade) 10 points Lab performance & cleanup (group grade) 10 points Total: 300 points The written report will be graded and the feedback will be summarized on the report itself
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syllabus_ECH-155B_SS2-2009 - Department of Chemical...

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