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System Administration Decal Intermediate Lab #1 February 1, 2010 Introduction This week, we learned about the shell and various typical UNIX commands we can use within the shell. Additionally, we explored some special features of the shell, including output and input redirection, pipes, and substitution. In this lab, you will practice these skills while learning even more about the shell, in a series of themed exercises. Please email your responses to [email protected] and remember that you can always email me with questions about the lab. Remember to use the slides as a resource for solving the exercises also. IMPORTANT: If you are using your cs198 account to do these exercises, I highly recommend that you use the ‘bash’ shell. The default shell used for Berkeley CS accounts is not adequate for many of the idioms we have learned. You can start the bash shell after logging in with ‘exec bash’. If you have a Mac, it uses bash by default. I won’t stop you from using csh or tcsh if you really really want to, but consider yourself warned. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, try the ‘zsh’ shell. Some notes which may help you: This lab will ask you to make extensive use of man . By default, man uses more to display man pages. For a more pleasant experience using man , you can issue the command “export PAGER=less” from the command line. To make this persistent, issue the command “echo ‘export PAGER=less’ >> ~/.bash_profile” from the command line. To switch your login (i.e. default) shell to bash, run the command “ssh update”
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01-lab-shell - S ystem Administration Decal Intermediate...

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