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System Administration Decal Intermediate Lab #2 Due: February 22, 2010 Introduction This week we covered the layout of a Unix filesystem and learned about the various types of files that are commonly seen on Unix: regular, device, directory, and FIFO (named pipe.) We’re going to build on these ideas and learn a little more about all of these things. Things to remember: Send your responses to mgasidlo [email protected] ; text format is preferred. Remember to include your cs198-XX username with your submission. If you don’t have a Linux environment at home, SSH to icom1.eecs.berkeley.edu using your cs198-XX username. Finally, remember that the slides, man pages, and Google are your friends. I. Filesystems upon Filesystems One thing that is special about Unix is that the filesystem is device agnostic. This means that you can browse through the filesystem, and /home could be on one hard drive while /boot is on another. Contrast this to Windows where different drives have completely isolated filesystems, differentiated by drive letters. Here, we’ll take a look at this concept of
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02-lab-filesystem - System Administration Decal...

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