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System Administration Decal Intermediate Lab #4 February 25, 2009 Introduction During Tuesday’s lecture, we learned about the gory details of how access to files and directories on a Unix system is managed, and how username, password, and group info are stored. Things to remember: Send your responses to geo+decal@OCF.Berkeley.EDU ; text format is preferred. Remember to include your cs198-XX username with your submission. If you don’t have a Linux environment at home, SSH to ilinux1.eecs.berkeley.edu using your cs198-XX username. Finally, remember that the slides, man pages, and Google are your friends. I. Playing with Users and Groups This short exercise gets you accustomed to working on multiuser systems, and using the tools that help you see who’s logged on, get information about users, etc. 1. Practice with these commands and give a one-sentence description of what they do and a sample output from the machine you were logged on to. Is there any overlap between these programs’ behaviors? a.
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04-lab-usersgroups - System Administration Decal...

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