06-lab-shellscripting - CS198 Intermediate Systems...

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Unformatted text preview: CS198 Intermediate Systems Administration DeCal Lab #6 Michael Gasidlo This lab will test your skills with shell scripting. You need, need, need to have the lecture (or an equivalent shell scripting guide) open while doing this lab, as you're going to be using things you learned in class. There's only going to be three questions because two involve you writing significant shell scripts! The third is mostly for fun, but that doesn't mean you don't gotta do it! Email your code to [email protected] I. TV Episode Renamer--------------------- You work for a television company. For archival, the company is keeping copies of the first season of its new show, "America's Next Top Student Model." However, the files are named oddly: s01e01.avi s01e02.avi s01e03.avi ... more ... s01e10.avi You have been given a list of official episode names and you have been tasked with renaming the files into this format: 1$EPISODE - $TITLE.avi where $EPISODE is zero-padded (10 remains 10, but 3 becomes 03.) The episode names are as follows: Top Student Ahram Top Student Dwight Top Student Hubert...
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06-lab-shellscripting - CS198 Intermediate Systems...

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