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Ryan Uyan ( [email protected] ) Week 2 worksheet Bio N110 Prof. Leon  SH 149 Mon 5-6 Wed 12-1 Eee.uci.edu/programs/biotutor Welcome to Fall BION110 Neurobiology and Behavior!   This class is full of new vocabulary that you need to understand in order to do well. Match the following  terms with its description: 1. Sry Gene    III I. Also produced from the TDF to stop female growth 2. Testis determining Factor   V II. Mades from the testis, most famous one is  testosterone  3. Testis IV III. Encoded in the Y chromosome and produces TDF 4. Mullerian Inhibiting Hormone I IV. Produces testosterone 5. Androgen    II V. Differentiates the Indeterminate gonads into  Testis Now, that we know a little more about sexual differentiation, let’s talk about some of the variations that  may occur: Therefore, this means that the default system for a fetus is  FEMALE . -Males have two spikes in testosterone. One during development and the other during  PUBERTY Females on the other hand do not have any early spike in estrogen.  Can you tell me why? (rhetorical  question) Hormones can have two effects :    1) Organizational effect  -Helps during development        2) Activational Effect  -Creates secondary  characteristics Neurobiology is primarily a study of the brain and its behavior, both natural and unnatural. As you have already seen, many disabilities can arise if something goes wrong in the functional activity of the brain i.e fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). Let’s start out with what happens during development chiefly sexual differentiation and see the problems that can arrise. 1. In the absence of TDF, what will happen to the fetus? 2. In the absence of the formation of the testis, what will happen to the fetus? And why? 1. No TDF = ovaries 2. Ovaries and becomes female Testosterone:  Testosterone has both  organization and activation effect 1. During development of fetus, if  testosterone is present, the fetus  will become a male.  (Organizational) Estrogen:  Estrogen is only activation 1. It is not organizational because it 
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Week 2 wksht answers -...

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