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N110A (Morning Section) Third Exam—June 12, 2007 DO NOT OPEN EXAM BOOKLETS UNTIL YOU ARE INSTRUCTED TO Print Name ________________________ . Student number __________________ . I have read and understand all of the information on this page: Sign here _________________ . 1. Fill in name and student number. 2. You will be docked 2 points if your photo ID is not out of your wallet or holder at the beginning of the exam. It must be shown when you hand in your exam. 3. No tapping feet, fingers or pencils. No baseball caps. Book packs go under the seats. 4. Answering pagers and/or cell phones during the exam will be grounds for failure. 5. You may fail the exam if you are not seated in the assigned seat. 6. Those who are observed to be cheating will fail the course. 7. You will be docked 2 points for every second that you continue to write after the test period is terminated. 8. You will be docked 2 points if you remain in the exam room to talk or make noise on your way out the exam room. 9. No partial credit. 10. There will be no questions taken during the exam. 11. If you have a problem with any of the questions, you must post it on Dr. Leon’s class noteboard by June 14 (Thursday).
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SHORT-ANSWER QUESTIONS 1. Witty Ticcy Ray suffered from a disorder called __ Tourette’s Syndrome __, which is related to an excess of the neurotransmitter ___ dopamine ________. 2. Name the type of cell death that alcohol increases. __ Apoptosis _____ . 3. If you inject a rat with a dopamine antagonist in the ventral tegmental area before injecting it with cocaine, will it become addicted to cocaine? ___ Yes ________________________________________________________ . 4. Name the disorder that is characterized by the rapid transition from the awake state to REM sleep. ___ Narcolepsy __________________________________________ . 5. In the Lost Mariner, Jimmie’s memory loss is typical of Korsakov’s Syndrome, which results from excessive use of _____ alcohol ____________________________. 6. With stress, which specific nervous system is activated to produce stress responses? ___ Sympathetic nervous system _____________________________________________ . 7. Compared to heterosexual males, homosexual males have _ larger / more cells in ____ suprachiasmatic nucleus. 8. What part of the brain is important for converting short-term memory to long-term memory? ___ Hippocampus ____________________________________________ . 9. When you learn something new, which specific neurotrophin is increased in the hippocampus?
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