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N110PMFinalExamAKey - N110A(Afternoon Section Third DO NOT...

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N110A (Afternoon Section) Third Exam—June 13, 2007 DO NOT OPEN EXAM BOOKLETS UNTIL YOU ARE INSTRUCTED TO Print Name ________________________ . Student number __________________ . I have read and understand all of the information on this page: Sign here _________________ . 1. Fill in name and student number. 2. You will be docked 2 points if your photo ID is not out of your wallet or holder at the beginning of the exam. It must be shown when you hand in your exam. 3. No tapping feet, fingers or pencils. No baseball caps. Book packs go under the seats. 4. Answering pagers and/or cell phones during the exam will be grounds for failure. 5. You may fail the exam if you are not seated in the assigned seat. 6. Those who are observed to be cheating will fail the course. 7. You will be docked 2 points for every second that you continue to write after the test period is terminated. 8. You will be docked 2 points if you remain in the exam room to talk or make noise on your way out the exam room. 9. No partial credit. 10. There will be no questions taken during the exam. 11. If you have a problem with any of the questions, you must post it on Dr. Leon’s class noteboard by June 14 (Thursday).
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1. Mrs. O’C could hear music that was not actually there because she was actually suffering from __ seizures / epilepsy _________________ in the _____ temporal lobe ____________________ of her brain. 2. How does an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor affect the level of acetylcholine in an Alzheimer’s brain? ___ Increases the level of acetylcholine _______________________________________ . 3. Mrs. S. is not paying attention and neglecting her left side due to a damage to her ___ right _______ cerebral hemisphere. 4. What is the sex chromosome make-up (X or Y) of someone with Turner’s Syndrome? ___ One X only / X / XO ____________________________________ . 5. Name the disorder that is characterized by lots of waking up during a night’s sleep because of inability to breathe. ___ Sleep apnea ________________ . 6. Human fetuses are the most sensitive to the effect of alcohol during the ____ third _________ trimester of pregnancy. 7. If you inject dexamethasone into a schizophrenic patient, which hormone level will be affected? ___ None / No hormone level _____________________________________ . 8. Name the way to reduce learned compensatory response to drugs by dissociating the predictability of drug administration rituals to drug response. ____ Extinction
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N110PMFinalExamAKey - N110A(Afternoon Section Third DO NOT...

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