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KEY – KEY - KEY - KEY BIO SCI 110B – Final Exam, June 10, 2009 Afternoon Section - VERSION A READ THIS PAGE BEFORE STARTING YOUR EXAM!! 1. Do NOT open the test before you are instructed to do so! You have until 5:30pm to finish the exam. 2. The exam consists of 15 'fill-in-the-blank' and short-answer questions on the first pages of this booklet, and 19 multiple choice questions on the remaining pages. Please check that you have received a Scantron form along with this question booklet. There are three versions of the exam, containing the same questions but in different scrambled orders. Write on the Scantron which version you have. 3. Fill in NOW your name and student ID# at the top of this page. Also, write your name, ID and exam version, and bubble in your ID number on the Scantron. When answering the exam, please write in your ID at the top of each page containing 'fill-in-the-blank' questions. 4. The exam is worth 34 points. Each multiple-choice question and each short-answer question is worth 1 point. No answer, or an incorrect answer will score zero. 5. Write your answers to 'fill-in-the-blank' questions in the spaces provided. You may use pencil or pen: but ensure that your answers are clearly legible. 6. 'Fill-in-the-blank' answers should be no longer than a brief sentence: in most cases a number, word or short phrase will suffice. 7. After completing all questions, you may hand in your answers at any time. Come to the front of the hall to hand in your exam booklet and Scantron. Place these in the appropriate boxes depending on whether you have the A, B or C versions of the exam. Have photo ID ready for spot checks. 8. No calculators or other electronic devices are allowed. Please do not bring them to the exam. If you must, they are to be turned off and placed out of sight. Students with ringing cell phones will have points deducted! Students found answering a pager or a cell phone, or viewing a laptop or iPhone will receive a failing grade. No books, notes etc. are allowed. 9. Any evidence of cheating will result in a failing grade and notification to the Associate Dean of Biological Sciences. 10. We will not take any questions regarding the exam materials during the exam. Send any questions you have by e-mail to Dr. Parker after the exam is over and before 9:00am Thursday morning. 11. Good luck! N110B Final Exam 2009   page-1
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SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS Write your answers in the spaces provided below. Anything written anywhere else on the page will not be graded. 1)  A membrane that is equally permeable to potassium and chloride ions separates two  solutions containing 100 mM KCl and 1M KCl. At room temperature, what equilibrium  potential will be established? State your answer as the voltage of the concentrated  solution relative to the dilute solution.  Zero mV / almost no voltage   (the membrane is equally permeable to both K+  and Cl-, so       movement of  charged ions down their concentration gradients 
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N110_Afternoon_A+version_KEY - KEY KEY - KEY - KEY BIO SCI...

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