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Bio 110 Mid-term Exams 23 April 2007 Questions regarding Exam Questions I have collected below the queries you sent me (by e-mail and posted to the Noteboard) regarding the exam questions. AM and PM sections are mixed together, but it should be clear which is which. All posts are anonymous, with names deleted. My responses are included below each query. Responses in green indicate cases where the answer given in the key remains the correct answer –I have usually tried to explain why your proposed answer is incorrect. Responses in red indicate cases where I agree with your argument, and have accordingly altered the grading criteria for that question. All the multiple-choice questions remain valid and unchanged. The short-answer questions for which we are now accepting alternative answers are; AM Q2. A hyperpolarizing i.p.s.p. arising from Cl- channels opened by GABA is an acceptable answer Q10. Defining conductance by an equation (I/V or I/V-V eq ) is accepted Q11. <K+ and Cl-> OR <K+, Cl-, Na+ and Ca2+ > will both be accepted as valid answers PM Q8. Given the vague wording of this question, we will accept a wide range of plausible answers for the 'source' of a neurotransmitter Q13. 'spontaneous release of ACh' or similar wording will be acceptable. 1
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Complied list of queries AM - Short answer 4) On lecture slide 4.2, orthodromic is defined as “action potential always go in one direction.” If i put this answer on the exam, would it still be marked as incorrect? Orthodromic = direction an AP would normally go in the body 6) Would the question be correctly answered if I stated that the patch clamp method allowed for the measurement of current across an ion channel, while the voltage clamp allowed us to determine the voltage/current of a single ion? This assumption was based on question #4 on your 2003 practice questions. No – the voltage clamp cannot measure the current of a single ion (and if you meant 'single ion species', that applies to both patch and voltage clamp) 10) On the bottom of lecture slide 1-2, you mention that the capacitor “stores some electrical charge.” Would I be marked off if I stated that conductance is the storage of electrical charge? Yes, you will be marked off – conductance is how easily something conducts electricity (inverse of resstance) 12) I was not too sure what this question was asking for. On the exam, I basically mentioned the structure of the protein pore i.e 5 subunits with 2 alpha…. . Would that be a valid answer? No – the pore loop is a specific part of each subunit (see notes) Multiple Choice 4) Wouldn’t (D) be a better answer choice than (E) since we don’t know if [Na] plays a key role in determining the voltage?
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RepliesToStudentQues - Bio 110 Mid-term Exams 23 April 2007...

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