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Lecture 2 - ion Resting potential doesn’t change with Na...

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Lecture 2 Remember gnarl trends Lots of K+ inside the axon but not a lot of K+ outside Lots of Na+ in the extracellular fluid but not that much inside the axon More Cl- outside than in The squid has a giant axon, an axon that can be approaching a mm in diameter The reason why it has that is because of its escape mechanism The Scientist has to go where the squid are The action is brief time where that voltage flips When you deal with multiple ions you end with a voltage that is the mean of all the
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Unformatted text preview: ion Resting potential doesn’t change with Na+ Pulses that tend to depolarize the axon ^ Depolarization v Hyperpolarization strictly from the resting potential If you inject hyperpolarizing stimulus it can make the potential of the nerve more negative nothing special happens If you depolarize enough past this threshold the axon takes over it generates its own electrical signal All action potentials are the same size Threshold at -45 mV...
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