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syllabus psyc178spring2010

syllabus psyc178spring2010 - Health Psychology Psychology...

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Health Psychology: Psychology 178 Spring 2010 Instructor: Christopher Nave, M.A. Office: Olmsted 2133B Email: [email protected] Lecture: MWF 2:10-3pm, INTN 1020 Office hours: Wednesday’s 12pm-1pm and by appointment Required Course Texts: DiMatteo, M.R. and Martin, L.R. Health Psychology . Allyn and Bacon, 2002 *Supplemental reading assignments will be posted on i-learn. Please read the articles before class on the assigned date. You will be responsible for the supplemental articles on exams. Course Description This course provides an examination of the importance of interpersonal relationships to physical health and effective medical care. Social psychological and personality perspectives are applied to such topics as stress-related diseases, placebo effects, doctor-patient interactions, dying, and the hospital environment. Course Format The lectures will follow the organization of the textbook. The discussion section will focus on activities related to lecture as well as discussing pertinent real-world issues related to health psychology. Attendance at all lectures and all section meetings is a course requirement. Non-attendance may be penalized; attendance may be rewarded through your course grade. Occasional pop quizzes in class will yield extra credit points. If you are unable to attend class you should not take this course. Textbooks and Assignments Your assignment will be to master the material presented in the textbook, supplemental readings and from the lectures. You will be tested on the textbook, the supplemental readings, in-class videos and the lecture material.
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