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Carleton University, Department of Geography & Environmental Studies Winter 2010 GEOG 2300A: Space, Place, and Identity Reflection Paper #1 Transitions from Space to Place OVERVIEW You incorporate your geographic imagination, understandings, and interpretations every day as you navigate between places of work, school, dwelling, leisure, socializing, worship, and so on. Perhaps some of these routines become so familiar that you do not even have to think to make your way between places, or you do not even notice how your behaviour changes as you interact with different people in different settings. You can easily make the connections between streets, buildings, greenspaces, and the people within these spaces because you have effectively learned to “read” them. But, there are many other circumstances where this is perhaps not the case. Think of experiences where you have travelled somewhere new and it is difficult to find your way around (literally and metaphorically). For example how did you find your way when going away to university for the first time, or moving into a new home?
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