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Carleton University, Department of Geography Winter 2010 GEOG 2300A: Space, Place, and Identity ReFection Paper #3 Reading Urban Landscapes OVERVIEW Even without much training in geography, many of us are inherently avid “readers” of the landscapes surrounding us. When driving through a residential neighbourhood we make judgements about the types of people who live there, when wandering downtown we infer historical inFuences by street layout or architectural design, or when seeking out a favourite hangout we apply our cumulative knowledge of an area to navigate through a series of shortcuts. As we explored in the ±rst reFection paper, spaces often transform into places as they gain deeper familiarity and meaning in our lives. Through this course you have been encouraged to continually challenge yourself to see beyond appearances and the materiality of landscapes. Therefore, in this ±nal reFection paper you are asked to consider a particular area within Ottawa’s urban landscapes that you would like to interpret in ways that could deepen your own sense of place, as well as in ways that would help others get to know the nuances of the selected “place”. PURPOSE This assignment encourages you to reFect upon how urban landscapes are constructed, interpreted, and inFuential in our daily lives, through the creation of an interpretive walking tour of an Ottawa neighbourhood, street, or district that you ±nd particularly interesting. In developing this walking tour, consider a part of the city that could be used by tourists (or anyone, really), that is both informative and engaging. The goal is to get people to look, think, and make connections, along with understanding the limitations of “just looking”. EVALUATION
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GEOG2300W10-Reflection3-reqs - Carleton University,...

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