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Unformatted text preview: Carleton University, Department of Geography & Environmental Studies Winter 2010 GEOG 2300A: Space, Place, and Identity Practicing Geography ProFle Paper OVERVIEW A selection of journal articles is provided to highlight various case studies that convey critical elements of the reciprocal inFuences of space(s) and place(s) on individual or collective identity(ies), as they relate to course themes covered in lectures and readings. These articles cover a range of topics and perspectives, from a variety of authors proled in the Practicing Geography sections of each textbook chapter. Students are asked to select 1 of these articles to critically examine in order to better understand some of the concepts being discussed in class, how they are applied within a research context, and what kinds of topics are investigated within Cultural Geography. PURPOSE The purpose of this Practicing Geography Prole Paper is to introduce students to academic writing and research as portrayed in prominent academic journals, and the variety of theoretical perspectives and methodological approaches undertaken by established cultural geographers. By investigating one particular article in depth, the aim of this assignment is for students to improve their abilities to critically reFect on different approaches to geographic research, and how some of the themes highlighted in class can be investigated to help us better understand the relationship between space, place, and identity. urthermore, by going through the process of selecting your case study article (and supporting references), you will gain experience with using the Carleton Library course reserves and electronic database searches, as well as an overview of the various topics and approaches within each of the selected articles. EVALUATION Students are asked to select 1 (one) of the articles listed below (in alphabetical order) to critically examine. These are all available in the Carleton Library course reserve system, or can be accessed using the Carleton Library electronic search engines. Therefore, each article can be downloaded digitally in full text from such search databases as Scholars Portal, among others. 1. AZARYAHU M. and OOTE K.E. 2008 'Historical space as narrative medium: on the conguration of spatial narratives of time at historical sites' GeoJournal 73, 179-194....
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GEOG2300W10-TermPaper-reqs - Carleton University,...

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