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Carleton University, Department of Geography & Environmental Studies Winter 2010 GEOG 2300A: Space, Place, and Identity TA Term Paper marking 1. AZARYAHU M. and FOOTE K.E. 2008 'Historical space as narrative medium: on the configuration of spatial narratives of time at historical sites' GeoJournal 73, 179-194. (Drummond) 2. COSGROVE D. and MARTINS L.L. 2000 'Millennial Geographies' Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 90, 97-113. (Drummond) 3. GLASMEIER A.K. and FARRIGAN T. 2005 'Understanding community forestry: a qualitative meta- study of the concept, the process, and its potential for poverty alleviation in the United States case' The Geographical Journal 171, 56-69. (Sullivan) 4. MAINS S.P. 1999 'Statutes of Liberty: Migration and Urbanism in the Borderlands' Yearbook of the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers 61, 42-66. (Newman) 5. MASSEY D. 2006 'Landscape as a provocation - Reflections on moving mountains' Journal of Material Culture , 11, 33-48. (Sullivan) 6. MCEACHERN M. and HANSON S. 2008 'Socio-geographic perception in the diffusion of innovation: Solar energy technology in Sri Lanka'
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