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GEOG2300-Quiz1-2010 - Carleton University Department of...

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Carleton University, Department of Geography & Environmental Studies Winter 2010 GEOG 2300A: Space, Place and Identity Quiz #1 NAME: ___________________________ STUDENT #: _____________ Instructions You have 20 (twenty) minutes to complete this quiz. This quiz will be marked out of 20 and will be worth 5% of your final mark . Please write legibly, and answer all the questions in the space provided, using black or blue ink. NOTE: books, notes, calculators, organizers, cell phones, and other electronic devices are not allowed during this exam. Multiple Choice (6 marks) Circle the appropriate letter to answer each question (only one per question). 1) In describing the relationships between place and space, which of the following is not accurate: a) space is a more abstract concept b) space has area and/or volume c) places have space between them d) space as movement, place as pauses e) none of the above
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