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Lab Test #1 v1 - ECOR 2606 Lab Test#1 v1 The diagram...

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ECOR 2606 Lab Test #1 v1 The diagram illustrates a gas flowing through a nozzle. As the cross sectional area of the nozzle gets smaller and smaller, the gas flows faster and faster until, at the choke point, it is flowing at Mach 1 ( M = 1). If the Mach number of the flow at some point in the nozzle is known, the cross sectional area at that point can be calculated using the following formula: 1 2 / 1 2 2 1 1 1 2 * M M A A where A is the cross sectional area at the point of interest M is the Mach number of the flow at this point A * is the cross sectional area at the choke point γ is the specific heat ratio for the gas Part I (3 marks): Write a function m-file (area.m) that, given M , A *, and γ (gamma), computes and returns A . The formula is only valid for 0 < M <= 1. If M is outside of this range your function should generate
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