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Lab Test #1 v6 - ECOR 2606 Lab Test#1 v6 A belt runs around...

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ECOR 2606 Lab Test #1 v6 A belt runs around two pulleys as shown . The length L of the belt can be calculated using the equations given. where A = an angle (in radians) R 1 = radius of larger pulley (in m) R 2 = radius of smaller pulley (in m) C = distance between pulley centres (in m) L = belt length (in m) Part I (3 marks): Write a function m-file (belt.m) that, given the radii of the two pulleys and the distance between their centres, computes and returns L . The formula requires that R 1 be greater than or equal to R 2. Your function should make the necessary adjustments if the two radii given to it are the "wrong" way around. Part II (7 marks): The steps required to solve this part should be placed in a script m-file (script.m). Assume that one of the pulleys has a radius of 0.1 m and that the other has a radius of 1.5m.
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