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Lab Test #2 v5 - Y is zero what are x 1 x 2 and x 3(ii...

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ECOR 2606 Lab Test #2 v5 Instructions: Submit two "script" files, one for each of the two questions. Call these files Q1.m and Q2.m. All values output by your scripts must be appropriately identified (e.g. "The value of ... is ..."). Just omitting the semi-colon from the command that calculates the value is not acceptable. If a "script" requires functions that cannot be implemented as anonymous functions you must use a "void" (i.e. no inputs, no outputs) function m-file with secondary functions. A brief reminder of how to do this can be found on the G:drive (scripts.pdf). 1/. (6 marks) Analysis of an engineering problem has produced the system of equations shown below. Y is a parameter that can be varied. 3 7 5 ) 12 ( 8 6 ) 6 ( 8 20 ) 9 ( 2 5 3 2 1 3 2 1 3 2 1 x x x Y x x Y x x Y x x (i) If
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Unformatted text preview: Y is zero, what are x 1 , x 2 , and x 3 ? (ii) Create a plot of x 2 vs Y for Y from 0 to 10 (iii) Within this interval, what value of Y minimizes x 2 ? What is the minimum value of x 2 ? 2/. (4 marks) The diagram below illustrates the states that an individual can be in during a flu epidemic, the possible state transitions, and the probabilities that an individual who is in state i will transition to state j in a day . What is the probability that an individual will be healthy (i.e. in state S0)? What is the probability that an individual will be in isolation (i.e. in state S3)? S1: Infected S0: Healthy S2: Infected with treatment S3: Infected in isolation R(1,0) = 1/6 R(2,1) = 1/2 R(3,2) = 1/5 R(0,1) = 1/8 R(1,2) = 1/2 R(2,3) = 1/4...
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