baseball glove - novel for it reflects on how Holden is...

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When Stradlater is about to go of to his date with Jane he asks Holden to write a descriptive paper for one of his classes. He tells Holden it must be about a place or a room. Once Stradlater has left Hold goes to write the paper. “The thing was, I couldn’t think of a room or a house or anything to describe the way Stradlater said he had to have (38).” So instead Holden wrote about his brother’s baseball glove which had “poems written all over the fingers and the pocket and everywhere (38).” It just so happens that Holden’s brother, Allie, is dead. Holden goes on to say how innocent and nice Allie was. This glove is a symbol in this
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Unformatted text preview: novel for it reflects on how Holden is trying to hold onto all the innocence he can. On this page, the two pictures both represent innocence. When Holden hires the prostitute from the elevator man, she comes in wearing a green dress. Holden asks the prostitute how old she is, but never gets an answer. Even though he does not get an answer Holden can see how young she is. This made Holden upset because no one that young should be a prostitute. Also the carrousel represents innocence because all little kids ride it. No adults ride the carrousel, just kids. In the novel, Phoebe is the one to ride the carrousel because she is still a child....
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