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ArticleFightingWildfires - In Fighting Wildfires They Also...

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In Fighting Wildfires, They Also Serve Who Keep the Books Mrs. Fork's Band of Bean Counters Lives, Works in Firefighter Camps; 'Mommy, Nana's at a Fire' By TAMARA AUDI Brian L. Frank for The Wall Street Journal Edwin Simpson keeps track of an endless stream of supplies that ship in daily for the thousands of firefighters housed at a camp just east of Los Angeles. The supplies range from tents to fire protection blankets. SANTA FE DAM RECREATION AREA, Calif. -- Hours before sunrise, Teresa Fork rolled out of her tent, laced up her boots and got to work on the biggest fire in Los Angeles County history. There were glitches to fix in a new expense-tracking computer program, two land-use contracts to renegotiate and a colorful pie chart to review. Mrs. Fork is in fire finance. Since it erupted on Aug. 26, the Station fire -- named for the Angeles National Forest ranger station near where it started -- has consumed 160,577 acres and $95.9 million. At the fire's peak, more than 4,500 firefighters and support people from as far away as Tennessee were working on it. As of Tuesday, the fire was 91% contained and firefighters were hoping to extinguish it by Saturday. Hundreds of firefighters hacked through the wilderness to create firebreaks and beat back the blaze at its southern edge in order to protect houses. Two firefighters were killed; thousands of homes were evacuated. A menacing plume of white smoke hung over Los Angeles for days, and flames created an ominous orange glow just beyond the city. Back at fire base camp, Mrs. Fork's U.S. Forest Service team calculated the laundry bill.
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  • Los Angeles County, California, United States Forest Service, Wildland fire suppression, U.S. Forest Service, Firefighting

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