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ENGR 2200 – Intermediate Strength of Materials Review for Test #3 (November 18, 8:00-8:50am) The test is closed book and closed notes. The test will include three (3) quantitative problems to be solved and one (1) extra credit problem. Items to bring: straight edge, calculator, pencils. Paper will be provided. Note: Mohr circles will not be required to be drawn to scale. Types of problems may require knowledge of the following: o Shear stress in beams (6.1-6.4) o Shear stress in composite beams (e.g., components nailed together) (6.1-6.4) o Shear stress in thin-walled members (i.e. shear flow) (6.7) o Stress transformation (analytical approach) (7.1-7.3) o Stress transformation (graphical approach, i.e., Mohr circle) (7.4) o Thin-walled pressure vessels (7.9)
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Unformatted text preview: You should also be prepared for using the parallel axis theorem and drawing shear and moment diagrams. The following equations WILL BE PROVIDED on the test. xy y x s y x xy p xy y x y x xy y x y x y xy y x y x x gle rec I VQ q yA Q It VQ Ad I I A A y y bh I τ σ θ 2 2 tan 2 2 tan 2 cos 2 sin 2 2 sin 2 cos 2 2 2 sin 2 cos 2 2 ) ( 12 1 ' ' ' ' 2 3 tan--=-= +--=---+ = +-+ + = = = = + = = = ∑ ∑ ∑ For cylindrical vessels: t pr plane out t pr plane in t pr t pr 2 4 2 max max 2 1 = = = = For spherical vessels: t pr t pr 4 2 max 2 1 = = = WHEN YOU COME TO CLASS ON EXAM DAY, PLEASE SIT SUCH THAT THERE IS AT LEAST ONE EMPTY SEAT TO YOUR LEFT AND RIGHT....
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