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BusinessLetterhead2 - for a 30-year period Monthly...

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ABC Corporation 123 First Street Jackson, MS 39021 601-555-1111 January 11, 2010 Mr. John Cory 41 Stella Road Hartford, CT 06108 Dear Mr. Cory: We welcome the opportunity to tell you about our suburbanite homes. Suburbanites have been designed to satisfy the most discriminating home buyer who desires the ultimate in modern home constructions. They can be easily constructed on any plot that is at least 50x100 ft. If you already have a plot, we shall be happy to send a representative to assist you in the proper planning of construction. These homes are priced at 39,950. We can arrange financing through an 8 ¾ percent mortgage
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Unformatted text preview: for a 30-year period. Monthly amortization and interest would be about $195 a month, which is a convenient way to pay for your home out of current income. The enclosed printed matter contains a complete description of the suburbanite home and shows floor layouts. Why not speak to our representative, Mr. Jack Burns, who will be glad to tell you about the suburbanite in greater detail. If you will call Mr. Burns at 582-752-1452, he can arrange an appointment with you. Sincerely, Mr. Hamilton Smith Sales Manager Bmb Enclosure Beau Bettiga B-6...
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