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ABC Corporation 123 First Street Jackson, MS 39021 601- 5 55-1111 January 13, 2010 Mrs. Margaret N. Kane 3125 Broadway Street Kansas City, KS 66110 Dear Mrs. Kane: Your silence disturbs us. We thought that perhaps in some way we had failed to please you with our service. When we wrote you two weeks ago about the balance of $40.15 that you owe us, we invited you to discuss the situation with us. Since we have received no reply, there must be some other reason why you have not mailed your payment. Maybe it is inconvenient for you to pay at this time.
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Unformatted text preview: If, however, you do not explain the delay, what are we to think? When your account was opened, we had a very definite understanding that monthly bills were to be paid promptly on the first of each month. In spite of this agreement we would gladly make an exception if necessary. Won’t you, therefore, come in or call us so that your account will no longer be a problem for either of us. Sincerely, Hunter Jones Accounts Receivable Manager bmb...
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