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Eastwood Merchandisers 2544 Beale Street Fax: 901-555-4567 Memphis, TN 38801 Phone: 901-555-1345 March 29, 2010 Mr. George Williams Director of Sales Eastwood Merchandisers, Inc. 1098 West Huron Street Cleveland, OH 44101 Dear Mr. Williams: Here is the list of top sales people for the year. I hope that you will notice the improvement of some of the sales figures over last year’s performance. Eastwood Merchandisers Sales Leaders for  2005 Name This Year Last Year % of Change James Bradford 250,000.00 200,000.00
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Unformatted text preview: 20% Lenore Bergeron 387,000.00 302,000.00 12% Horace Glauser 250,557.00 175,000.00 30% Diana Reynolds 450,000.00 275,000.00 39% Lincoln Taylor 315,500.00 150,750.00 52% Total 1,653,057.00 1,102,750.00 153% These five people will be honored at the Annual Meeting for all sales people. They will be awarded plaques and of course, they will be substantially rewarded by their commissions. Sincerely, Neal O’Sullivan Regional Sales Director bb Beau Bettiga B-2 March 29, 2010...
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