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Unformatted text preview: usually over 1218 months to deal with a shortterm balance of payments problem. usually over three to four years to help it tackle structural economic problems that are causing serious weaknesses in its balance of payments. Financial Assistance Instruments of IMF lending Poverty Reduction and Growth Facility Supplemental Reserve Facility Emergency Assistance A lowinterest facility to help the poorest member countries facing protracted balance of payments problems shortterm financing to member countries experiencing exceptional balance of payments difficulty Cope with balance of payments problems arising from sudden natural disasters and military conflicts Financial Assistance Loans outstanding: $71 billion to 82 countries Where does IMF get its money? Quota subscriptions A member's quota determines its maximum financial commitment to the IMF and its voting power. Total quotas at endAugust 2005 were SDR 213 billion (about $312 billion). Where does IMF get its money? (cont'd) Who makes decisions at IMF? Board of Governors The Executive Board Managing Direct...
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