microbio notes exam 4

microbio notes exam 4 - Small pox person to person disease...

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Small pox – person to person disease - Variola virus – enveloped linear double stranded DNA virus. - Similar to vaccinia virus (cowpox) - Brick-shaped, core is biconcave with 2 lateral bodies. - Progress of disease: o Incubation (7-17 days after exposure) – not contagious, no symptoms o Initial symptoms – 2-4days – prodrome stage: initial symptom of a disease:- sometimes contagious, fever, tiredness, aches, vomiting, too sick to be active. o Early rash – 4 days – MOST CONTAGIOUS: Small red spots in mouth and tongue – sores – break open – more virus in mouth & throat – rash on skin, face-arm-legs in 24 hrs. 3 rd day of rash, raised bumps; 4 th day: thick opaque fluid & depression in the center of the bumps. o Pustular rash – 5 days – contagious – bumps pustules: sharply raised, round n firm. o Pustules n scabs – 5 days: contagious – pustule crust n scab. o Falling scabs – contagious until all scabs have fallen off. o Healed - Person to person transmission, bodily fluids or formites, exposure to aerosol release of small pox. - Virus is fragile and is easily killed by sunlight (UV) and heat. - Mass vaccination v/s ring vaccination - Why easy to eradicate o No animal reservoirs
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o Characteristic rash o Long incubation period enable quarantine o Effectiveness of cross / conferring immunity of vaccinia. Botulism - Food-borne disease – poorly heated food - Clostridium botulinum (obligate anaerobic, gram+ve, spore forming bacterium) - <3 anaerobic, low salt, low acid environment - Release exotoxin when reproduce vegetatively. - Flaccid paralysis caused by neurotoxin – stop muscle contraction. - Symptoms: double or blurred vision, droopy eyelids, slurred speech, difficulty in swallowing, weak muscles, dry mouth may spread to appendages and lungs, and even causes cardiac arrest. - 30g of botulism toxin kill entire US population - irreversibly inactivates specific cellular protein that release acetylcholine . – genetically encoded by a lysogenic bacteriophage.
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microbio notes exam 4 - Small pox person to person disease...

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