Measurement 1 - Luke Wyatt Measurement 1 19/10/07...

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Luke Wyatt Measurement 1 19/10/07 Measurement 1 Risk Assessment The experiment had some very low risks. These are outlined below 1. Electrical DC Voltage Measurement Power Supply Output (Volts) Series Resistance (Ω) DMM (V) Scope (V) 0.1 0 0.106 0.100 1 0 1.001 1.00 5 0 5.01 5.00 15 0 15.02 15.00 30 0 30.0 30.00 5 1k 5.01 5.00 5 10k 5.00 4.94 5 100k 4.96 4.55 5 1M 4.55 2.45 5 10M 2.5 0.375 Setting the power supply to 0.1 volts is fairly difficult to do as the twist control is very sensitive to movement but with the aid of the fine tune 0.1 volts can be obtained easier. However this procedure is not completely reliable as the voltage can be set anywhere between 0.095 volts and 0.104 volts as the display is only accurate to 2dp, but this is not a huge margin of error. Q1 Which Instrument do you think provides the most accurate measurement? Which instrument provides the best resolution of the measurement, that is, the maximum number of significant figures? From the results the oscilloscope is the most accurate measuring device as the readings are closer to the original power supply output. However when the scope is set to 5v per division it is difficult to read the result accurately as the display is small, this means that a small change in the reading could not be
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Measurement 1 - Luke Wyatt Measurement 1 19/10/07...

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