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Experiment 105 - Luke Wyatt Experiment 105 Experiment 105...

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Luke Wyatt Experiment 105 30/04/07 Experiment 105: Verification of Boyle’s Law Risk Assessment The risks involved with this experiment are outlined below 1. Chemical – Toxic – High Risk 2. Mechanical – Low Risk Experiment Aim The aim of this experiment is to prove that boyle’s law is valid by measuring the change in volume at the fixed end of the apparatus and the pressure and using this values to draw a graph. Apparatus & Diagram Below is a list of all the apparatus which was used in the experiment Mercury Glass Tube of uniform bore closed at one end Plastic Tube Glass tube of uniform bore open at one end Below is a diagram of how the apparatus was set up in order to collect the results. 1of 5
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Luke Wyatt Experiment 105 30/04/07 Theory Let atmospheric pressure = p cms of mercury. Then, Referring to the diagrams below; The pressure of gas in (Fig.2) = P+ 1 h cm of mercury, and in (Fig.3)=P- 2 h cm of mercury. The volume of gas is proportional to the length AX in each case. By plotting a graph of volume 1
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