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Circle - /end of calcArea method/setRadius method public...

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public class Circle { //define fields double radius; String colour; //constructor public Circle(double rad) { //assign parameter r to field rad radius = rad; colour = colour; } //end of constructor //getCircum method public double getCircum() { //calculate circumference double circum = 2 * Math.PI * radius; //return the result return circum; } //end of getCircum //calcArea Method public double calcArea() { //calculate area double area = Math.PI * Math.pow(radius,2); //return the result return area;
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Unformatted text preview: } //end of calcArea method //setRadius method public void setRadius(double r) { if (r<1) { System.out.println("Error! illegal value for radius"); } // end of if loop else { radius = r; System.out.println("Radius set to" + radius); } //end of else loop }// end of setRadius method //getRadius method public double getRadius() { // get radius double rad = radius; //return the result return radius; } //end of getRadius method } //end of class Circle...
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