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MathExercise3 - public class MathExercise3 public static...

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/* This program calculates and prints out the force exerted by gravity on three objects of mass m1=5.0, m2=5.5 and m3=6.0, respectively, using the relationship force = mass * g, where g is the constant 9.81. The output should be as shown below, formatted to 3 decimal places: Force for mass m1 = xx.xxx Force for mass m2 = xx.xxx Force for mass m3 = xx.xxx
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Unformatted text preview: */ * public class MathExercise3 { public static void main(Stringargs) { double m1=5.0F; double m2=5.5F; double m3=6.0F; double gravity=9.81F; System.out.printf("Force for mass m1= %6.3F", m1*gravity); System.out.printf("Force for mass m2= %6.3F", m2*gravity); System.out.printf("Force for mass m3= %6.3F", m3*gravity); } }...
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