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Unformatted text preview: The Every Other Day Diet EveryOtherDayDiet.com T H E E V E RY O T H E R D AY D I E T Second edition THE FIRST SUPER-SIMPLE REAL-WORLD GUIDE TO HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS FOR THE BUSY BODY! By Jon Benson MEDICAL DISCLAIMER The techniques, ideas, and suggestions in this document are not intended as a substitute for proper medical advice. Always consult your physician or health care professional before performing any new exercise, exercise technique or before starting any new diet— particularly if you are pregnant, nursing, elderly, or if you have any chronic or recurring conditions. Any application of the techniques, ideas, and suggestions in this document is at the reader’s sole discretion and risk. The authors of this document make no guarantees or warranties of any kind in regard to the content of this document, including, but not limited to, any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose. The authors of this document are not liable or responsible to any person or entity for any errors contained in this document, or for any special, incidental, or consequential damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by the information contained within. PUBLiSHed BY BeVo PUBLiSHinG LLc in tHe United StAteS oF AMeRicA. All Material copyright 2002-2008 Jon BenSon, ALL RiGHtS ReSeRVed. dUPLicAtion oR diStRiBUtion WitHoUt WRitten conSent FRoM tHe AUtHoRS iS PRoHiBited. The Every Other Day Diet EveryOtherDayDiet.com If YOu EnjOY THIs BOOk, YOu WIll AlsO lOVE... Fit Over 40 Jon Benson and Tom Venuto, C.S.C.S. Do you think you are too “old” to have the body you desire? Then let Fit Over 40: Role Models For Excellence at Any Age, the classic by Jon Benson and Tom Venuto, change your mind and your body forever! Over fifty real-life role models for fitness, all between the ages of 40 and 80, share how they think, exercise and eat to turn back the clock 10, even 20 years! Success Stories Read More 7 Minute Muscle Jon Benson Say good-bye to wasting hours and hours a week trying to lose fat and gain lean muscle! Jon’s latest book is sweeping the nation by storm. After three years of research Jon developed and tested this mind and body workout in the real world—and the results were absolutely incredible! More muscle, less fat, and all in a fraction of the time! Jon’s book comes with six full-length real-time training videos featuring both men and women at all ages going through the exercises with professional trainer Vince DelMonte! Success Stories Read More M-Power Audio: Mind, Meals, Muscle and Motion! Jon Benson (with 10 special guest interviews) Called “The most amazing total transformation program ever developed,” Jon Benson’s M-Power System has already changed the lives of thousands of people since 2004. Over thirty hours of exciting, life-altering audios await you as Jon and his special guests take you on a journey to your greatest destiny! Audios are studio-quality and ready for instant download—and delivered to you at a pace that doesn’t interrupt your busy schedule! Success Stories Read More The Every Other Day Diet EveryOtherDayDiet.com Scale The World Jon Benson It is difficult to put Scale The World into words. Over 20,000 people have experienced Jon’s 30-day course designed to help you overcome anything and, as Jon says, “Scale your own personal world to discover a view of life that will take your breath away!” Originally written with anonymity, Scale The World achieved national recognition when T ime Magazine ran an article taken from one of Jon’s 30-day lessons. Since then Jon has “come clean” and admitted to creating one of the most unique and poetic life empowerment series ever. Scale YOUR World… starting today! Success Stories Read More The Fit Yummy Mummy Workout System Holly Rigsby, CPT (Contributor to The Every Other Day Diet) Now you too can discover the secret method busy moms are using to burn the lingering “baby fat” and get their body back! Holly Rigsby takes you on a personal journey that began with her own battle with body image and ended with having a physique that is the envy of women half her age! All of Holly’s workouts are fun, fast sessions that anyone at any fitness level can do—right in the comfort of your own living room! Success Stories Read More Other Books, Articles and Fitness Products Can Be Found At JonBenson.com! The Every Other Day Diet EveryOtherDayDiet.com TA B l E O f c O n T E n T s F o r e w o r d by dr. John Berardi 3 I n t r o d u c t I o n by Jon Benson • A Poor Answer: Fad diets and worthless Supplements • the Former Fatty Solution • what You can expect • What are the EODD Benefits? 5 7 8 10 11 chAPter 1 • A Brief history of Fat 17 chAPter 2 • MythBusters: exposing the dietary Lies 22 chAPter 3 • the Silent Secret: Your Key to Fat Burning Power 31 chAPter 4 • Building Blocks of eodd 38 chAPter 5 • the SnAPP! System of eating • the SnAPP! Feeding Schedule • the SnAPP! Measurement System 47 50 53 chAPter 6 • the Five eodd eating Plans • eodd Primer Plan • eodd Lifestyle Plans • extreme Plan Schedule • the ultimate Plan 60 60 61 62 63 eodd dIeter’S choIce recIPeS • Breakfasts • Lunches • dinners • Shakes • treats 69 70 80 90 101 106 concLuSIon 112 The Every Other Day Diet EveryOtherDayDiet.com Foreword by dr. JoHN berardi As a Scientist, University Instructor, and Coach to High Level Athletes, there is one rule that I absolutely always abide by. Regardless of what I’m teaching or whom I’m teaching it to, I start simple. So, in kicking off The Every Other Day Diet, I’d like to do the same. And the simplest place I can begin is here: Diets do not work. Dr. John Berardi, Ph.D. Sure, you have heard that before. In fact you have probably heard it so often that it does not have quite the sting it once did. So I am going to say it in a different way: If you diet, you declare war against a most powerful enemy— your genes. If you have ever tried to lose weight by skipping meals you probably know what I mean. Hungry all the time, massive cravings, low energy, depression, lost muscle strength, lost lean mass. And you still did not reach your goals. You never did get that lean, toned body you were after. From here some experts will tell you that you simply do not have the genetics to improve your body. Others will say you simply have to get more comfortable with your “natural” body size. But you will not hear that sort of nonsense here. One of the many things Jon Benson and I share in common is the belief in your ability to improve your body. We believe that you can make positive changes. We believe that you have the genetics to lose fat, build strength, and to improve the way you feel and perform every single day. Yet we also believe that you are probably fighting against your genes rather than working with them. You see, when you diet in the conventional sense, you are puffing up your chest and daring your genes to keep you over fat. And 100% of the time, they will take that dare. One of the many things Jon Benson and I share in common is the belief in your ability to improve your body. Dieting in the conventional sense is the surest way to get your genes plotting against you. And I assure you, in a head to head battle with your genes, you simply cannot win. You would have better luck attacking a military base armed with a slingshot. However, what if I told you there was a way to enlist your genes in the fight against fat? Rather than it being you versus your genes, what if it was you and your genes versus your fat cells? Wouldn’t you feel better about having these powerful genes as an ally rather than an insurmountable enemy? 3 The Every Other Day Diet EveryOtherDayDiet.com By following the principles in this book, your fat cells will quake in fear as you and your genes come marching in to annihilate them. Okay, now that I have had my fun with war analogies, let me be as candid as I can. As both a scientist and a coach, I do not go for gimmicks. When evaluating a program like The Every Other Day Diet, I ask myself three questions: Is the program scientifically sound? Does the program have real-world support? Is this program one that people can and will actually follow? And in the case of The Every Other Day Diet, the answer to all three of these questions is yes. This program is based on how the body works and, as Jon explains in the first few chapters, it will help you work with your genes to create a powerful fat-burning environment in your body. Further, variations of this program have been used for years by the brightest coaches in the physique and modeling community. These are the “diet gurus”—the individuals who are paid to be “professionally lean.” They too use many of the strategies you will learn about in this book to produce flat stomachs and visible muscles. Finally, although it is never easy to adopt a new way of eating and/or exercising, this program is a lifestyle-friendly one. Although there are some days where you may feel like you are dieting, the frequent appearance of what Jon calls “Feed Days” will help you remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel. In fact, the light will be bright and the tunnel short. In the end, if you are in good health and follow both the exercise recommendations and the eating strategies outlined is this short book, you can lose fat, build strength, and improve the way you look and feel. I know this for a fact, as I have used these same principles to build a lean and muscular body. Here’s to your health—and to a leaner body! Dr John M. Berardi Assistant Adjunct Professor — University of Texas President — Precision Nutrition www.precisionnutrition.com 4 The Every Other Day Diet EveryOtherDayDiet.com InTRODucTIOn BY jOn BEnsOn there’s trouble in them there Hills Imagine for a moment what it was like to live in the days of the wild wild west. Surely life was more dangerous and risky than in modern times. There were legalized gunfights in the street, lynchings, and attacks by warring factions and tribes. Perhaps that sounds a bit like our modern times, but I’ll wager the Wild West was a bit wilder. Life was not exactly convenient either. A home-cooked dinner was not as easy as heading to the nearest supermarket. Today we complain about checkout lines. Our ancestors had drought, disease-stricken cattle and other forces of nature to contend with just to get a warm meal. Now—fast-forward one hundred and twenty years to today. Despite our superior technology, easy access to healthy foods, and relative lack of danger lurking around the hilltops, there is still trouble in the hills. Our modern-day troubles are not just threats of terrorist attacks and concerns over environmental conditions. Our troubled hills are the billions of excess pounds of body fat the world as a whole is carrying around its waists, hips, thighs, and internal organs. These troubled hills are our own creation, and they are creating the most serious danger our world has ever seen from the standpoint of selfinflicted death and disease—a literal pandemic of obesity. If you live in the United States today, you reside in the fattest nation on the face of the earth. Many Americans are anything but healthy, and most of us are nowhere near as strong as our counterparts from a century ago. This remains true despite having a gym on every street corner in our larger cities and leading the world in fitness trends. 5 The Every Other Day Diet EveryOtherDayDiet.com The problems of obesity and weight management are not confined to the United States by any means. By the year 2010, almost forty percent of children in the European Union will be classified as obese or overweight, which represents an increase of twenty-five percent from previous surveys. Almost half the adult population in Australia was classified as overweight in the year 2000. Countries with at least one-fifth of their adult population registering a BMI (body mass index) over 30—a number that defines clinical obesity—include the United States, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Greece, New Zealand, and many others. Our troubled hills are the billions of excess pounds of body fat the world as a whole is carrying around its waists, hips, thighs, and internal organs. Our weight also affects our income. A study done in 2004 revealed that the size of our waistlines and the size of our bank accounts grow in opposite directions. Even in industrialized nations such as the United States, thinner people were shown to have higher gross income than those who were overweight or obese. This casts a different light on how we cannot “afford” to exercise and take care of our bodies. In reality, we cannot afford not to. Our response as a society has not been very successful. It appears that we are doing everything imaginable to further enable those who struggle with their weight to continue their destructive lifestyles. At the risk of sounding histrionic, I sometimes wonder if we are being reprogrammed to view unnecessary body fat as acceptable, or perhaps even desirable. Consider the emergence of The Plus-Size Yellow Pages, offering the overweight everything from larger furniture to “size-friendly” travel options. AmpleStuff.com features scales that go up to one thousand pounds. Southwest Airlines is just one of the many public transportation companies currently under pressure from obesity advocate groups to offer larger passengers two seats for the price of one.There is even a resort in Mexico that caters to the obese by advertising wider beach chairs and extended restaurant hours. Some current fashions are designed to proudly display the rolls of body fat we once tried to conceal. Overweight individuals have gone so far as to sue fast food establishments for supposedly making them fat. One case that was initially overturned in a lower court has recently been successfully appealed. Trouble indeed. 6 The Every Other Day Diet EveryOtherDayDiet.com A POOR AnsWER: fA D D I E T s A n D W O R T H l E s s s u P P l E m E n T s Our response has also included an enormous number of “get thin now” diet books. Just Google the word “diet” and see what you come up with. For the longest time, I avoided writing a book with “diet” in the title for one reason alone—most diets are just adding to the problem. Sure, diets work well for some people, but most diets fail the user long before the user fails the diet. Put miracle fat-burners and other magic potions on top of the diet book craze and you have the creation of the multi-billion dollar diet and supplement industry. These folks do not succeed when they help you get lean for life. They succeed when they help you just enough to give you a momentary taste of weight loss. By selling hard-to-follow diets that provide quick but temporary results, charlatans and snake oil salesmen can lead you down a path no one can follow. Most of us cannot sustain 99% of the diets on the market today for any length of time without going stale, hitting the weight loss wall, or ending up stir-crazy and heading off on a junk food binge that lasts for weeks. The result is not only a diet “crash” (followed by a crash diet), but also a new line of products designed to help you get back on track. Fat-burners, contests, and kick-start programs fit this description nicely. By selling hard-to-follow diets that provide quick but temporary results, charlatans and snake oil salesmen can lead you down a path no one can follow. I am not saying all diet books and supplement companies are evil and wicked, intending you to fail and then try, try again. But there is that bad apple element out there, and it is larger than you may think. Just consider the dollars on the table. Does it really pay to help you get lean once and for all—or is it more lucrative to keep you in a weight gain/weight loss loop for decades? This is also not to say that you only need one book or one product to meet your permanent fitness, health and weight management needs. It is a good idea to build a nice library of reference books, to hire an online or in-person trainer, or perhaps invest in a piece of workout equipment you will actually use. But this is a sane approach. The diet industry makes the vast majority of its money from a type of insanity. They encourage folks just like you to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result. 7 The Every Other Day Diet EveryOtherDayDiet.com You need something that is designed to work with your lifestyle and not against it. Something that does not require a Spartan existence or perfection in order to see encouraging results. You need a program designed from the ground up by someone who has been where you are and someone who is speaking your language: the language of common sense and reality. T H E “ f O R m E R fAT T Y ” s O l u T I O n I am asking you to take the sane road around these troubling hills. I also urge you to look this issue right in the eyes; as if an Old West duel at the O.K. Corral was about to occur. Do this, and our little book can change your life. But why should you listen me? Let me ask you this: if you wanted to become rich, whom would you listen to? Would you lend your ear and your bank account to a guy who happened to inherit a ton of money, but knows nothing about how to earn any on his own? How about a guy or gal who could barely make rent who just happens to have a degree in finance? Or would you be more apt to listen to someone who built a multi-million dollar net worth from the ground up? Even better—let’s say this financial role model started dirt poor and in massive amounts of debt. Would you be even more prone to listen? You bet. Yet we listen to overweight doctors tell us what to eat to cure our obesity problem. We listen to personal trainers who have never seen more than ten percent body fat tell us how to burn ours off. We even read diet tips in gossip rags, written by who knows who, that reveal the hottest “Hollywood Diet” for the month. There’s a new one each time a new batch of stars decide to starve themselves thin. It is high time you listened to someone who has been there, done that, and then bought the t-shirt company. II am not a doctor, nor am I a Hollywood celebrity. I am a lowly sports nutritionist, author, lecturer—and former obese guy. Just look at my un-retouched pictures for proof. As I like to jokingly say, “I’m a former fatty.” Sometimes you have to laugh at yourself to remind your head that your child-like heart is still very much alive! 8 The Every Other Day Diet EveryOtherDayDiet.com I have been over-fat most of my life. And, yes, I have been downright obese. My body weight was about 265 pounds at over thirty-five percent body fat at my all-time heaviest. I now maintain my body fat in the single digits most of the year, and do so while eating my favorite foods each and every week. I do not know it all. You will never hear me claim such nonsense, nor will you hear it from any of my co-contributors to my “2.0” Second Edition of EODD. I’m thrilled to be joined by nutrition and exercise expert (and working mom!) Holly Rigbsy, CPT (left), as well as The Smoothie Guru, Daniel Topkis, M.S.(right). But we do know what you feel like because Daniel Topkis, M.S. we have both walked far more than a mile in your shoes. We know exactly what it takes to create a lifestyle that keeps you lean permanently. We have forgotten more than most trainers will ever know about burning off stubborn Holly Rigbsy, CPT body fat. We will also be speaking to the heart of the matter—not just the science behind getting lean, nor the A-B-Cs of how to eat. Eating and weight loss are highly emotional issues. I want you to hear and feel that we understand. We respect your struggle, and we feel the frustrations you may be experiencing. We are here to help. You will get a very straightforward plan from us, and we stand behind it in its totality. Speaking of emotions, I did not handle being obese very well at all. I was not the jolly fat man at Christmas parties. I was the miserable, uncomfortable obese guy in the corner. I was no less a person on the inside, but my exterior betrayed my confidence and my inner strength. Releasing the body fat has changed both of our lives in such a profound way that is it almost impossible to describe. So, I will not try to describe it. We call this simple, fun, real world plan The Every Other Day Diet. That’s EODD for short. Many plans promise you the sun, the moon and the stars. EODD promises you results, but like anything else in life that is worth having it will take some effort on your part. The good news is the effort has been minimized using an innovative approach that “cycles” your calories as well as the sources of foods they come from. 9 The Every Other Day Diet EveryOtherDayDiet.com W H AT Y O u c A n E x P E c T “Results may vary.” You have heard that a thousand times. It is true—even with something as common as aspirin, results vary from person to person. The good news is that the more reliable the product, the less likely poor results will occur. While everyone will experience different results from EODD, most people will experience wonderful success along the way to being lean. As with any diet, the factors that determine your level of success are commitment, a strong belief in the plan, your genetics, and your current health status. Let me begin by asking, or rather demanding, that everyone who plans to engage in a nutrition plan consult their physician and get a general blood workup prior to beginning. This is not just legalese, but a wise safety precaution and serves as a baseline against which to compare the results of your efforts. While there is nothing inherently dangerous in EODD, there are underlying conditions that may leave rare individuals susceptible to harm. You should counter any health risks before continuing, and a few conditions are not so obvious. I’m not trying to put the fear of God in you. You may be in good health and capable of taking on a structured diet. In fact, the diet you are on now is probably doing much more damage than a protocol like EODD could ever do, but it is always best to err on the side of safety. 10 The Every Other Day Diet EveryOtherDayDiet.com W H AT A R E T H E E O D D B E n E f I T s ? Here is a list of benefits people experience on the EODD Plan: • Increased energy • • Accelerated, ongoing fat loss • Greater hormonal balance • Higher output of Growth Hormone (GH), the “youth” hormone • Lower levels of insulin, a hormone that in high amounts can lead to disease • Never having to do without any one food or food group** • Higher output of glucagon, one of the A greater sense of self-confidence and well-being “fat burning” hormones • • Ease of food preparation Increased muscle mass* • Ease of dietary maintenance That is not all—all three versions of the EODD Plans can be used as a fat-burning diet or a weight maintenance nutrition program for the rest of your life. This is not a twelve-week crashcourse strategy. This is a plan that you can use for as long as you walk this earth. Lifestyle solutions always deliver the most satisfactory results. They are based in the real world, not Fantasy Land, and deliver consistent results rather than the quick fix. * This assumes that you are resistance training. ** Medical conditions may alter flexibility when selecting foods 11 The Every Other Day Diet EveryOtherDayDiet.com A B O u T D E P R I VAT I O n If you take a farm yard dog, one raised with infinite space in which to run, and put him in a fenced back yard, he will do just about anything to get over that fence. Take the fence away, and the same back yard will seem much less like a prison despite the smaller size in relation to the farm. In fact, the dog will probably just sleep on the back porch, just like he did on the farm. He knows he can roam, but he chooses to stay at home where he is the most comfortable. Knowing that he cannot roam is what causes the desire to escape. This same mechanism works when we diet. Knowing that we can have any food we wish, just at certain times, makes what was once a prison seems like a comfortable porch we do not want to leave. We are content to just hang out where we are comfortable. Everyone is more comfortable when they are taking care of their bodies. They feel better. They look better. The world is their oyster. This is what I want for you. This is what EODD is all about ABOuT ExERcIsE In the First Edition of EODD, we made a bit of a mistake by not emphasizing exercise enough. The intentions were good, and I stand by the fact that exercise is the least important aspect of long-term weight loss when it comes to structure. IWhat I mean is this: You can get a fantastic workout in 7 minutes. I proved that in my book 7 Minute Muscle. (Read about 7 Minute Muscle by visiting 7MinuteMuscle.com.) Cardio? Besides walking, you can get it done in 9-12 minutes a few days a week. In short, exercise does not require a great deal of time. Nutrition does—or should I say nutrition requires more time than exercise, therefore more emphasis and a greater need for structure. This is not to say you should not exercise. Exercise is vital to long-term weight loss success. It becomes a matter of time management. That’s why I’ve included a link to my 7 Minute Muscle book (great for men and women, despite the testosterone-filled title) as well as including a new workout concept that you’re sure to remember: 9-2-5 9-2-5 is a super-short but very effective workout protocol that anyone can do. Nine minutes in the morning and either (a) seven minutes at night (2 + 5) or two minutes in the afternoon and five minutes at night. 9-2-5 is explained in detail on page 110. 12 The Every Other Day Diet EveryOtherDayDiet.com A WORD TO THE OVERWEIgHT OR BEgInnIng DIETER If you have twenty pounds to shed or two hundred, EODD can get the job done. And you do not have to permanently do without the foods you love. What I ask of you is this: adopt a system of food balancing I refer to as Planned Variance. Planned Variance (PV) is simply planning your off-meals and higher calorie days in a system that includes lower calorie and lower carbohydrate days. It is a simple process that, once applied, will feel as natural as brushing your teeth at night. This will be covered in detail in the EODD Plans. Also, keep in mind that weight loss should be gradual but not torturously slow. In fact, there should be no “torture” involved whatsoever. For those of you who are obese, beginners to the dieting world, or those simply too busy to do a lot of food preparation, you will want to begin with The EODD Primer Plan. A W O R D T O T H E AT H l E T I c O R A D VA n c E D D I E T E R Athletes such as runners, bodybuilders and those engaged in sports have differing needs. EODD will work just as well for the athlete as for the everyday Joe, but certain modifications will need to be made. You may find that your higher carbohydrate days will need to be extended, or that your low calorie days may not need to be quite so low. Minor adjustments such as these will help ensure success on EODD. Many athletes fare much better on the EODD style of eating than traditional athletic nutrition plans that are too high in carbohydrates. Our plans also maximize the anabolic effects of insulin, the ease of food prep, and the high amount of nutrient-dense foods consumed. For the athlete and experienced dieter, I highly suggest diving right into one of the two EODD Lifestyle Plans. For those of you who are really wanting serious fat-burning power and are willing to be more disciplined, I have included my own personal variation: The EODD Extreme. The EODD Extreme, or what I call the Seriously Lean System, is what I use to maintain low body fat while training hard with weights. It is ideal for the bodybuilder or weight-training enthusiast. And as an added bonus, I’ve created The EODD Ultimate Plan. If you have the practical means to abide by the Ultimate Plan, by all means do so. It is the healthiest nutrition plan imaginable 13 The Every Other Day Diet EveryOtherDayDiet.com Finally, in our 2.0 release of EODD, you will discover..... What is SNAPPSM? SNAPP replaces the HOME System we gave you in the First Edition of EODD. I created SNAPP to make the process of measuring food both more accurate and easier to grasp. HOME has its advantages, but many of you suggested a bit more structured approach to the question of, “How much can I eat?” Without counting a calorie and with nothing more than a basic grasp of elementary school math, you’ll find SNAPP to be… well, a snap! But SNAPP does more than just help you gauge your food intake—it is literally the foods you will eat, in the order you will eat them. This is true for the Primer and Lifestyle Plans. The other Plans require a bit of improvisation. The comparison chart on in this book will help you decide which diet is right for you. mY cOnDITIOns As you may have guessed by now, this is not your typical diet book. That is a good thing, and if you keep reading, I think you will be glad you did. However, I have some conditions I must go over with you prior to getting into the details of EODD. I ask that you take them to heart. Condition Number 1: You must be dedicated Any time you change your habits, dedication is involved. The easier the change, the less dedication is required. But dedication is always a factor. Even with the “simple change” approach of EODD, dedication is called for. Dedication to the goal is more important than dedication to the plan. Remember that! Focus on what you want to look and feel like and use EODD as a tool to get you there. Do not get caught up in the details—get caught up in the vision. See and feel the person you want to become. The majority of you will not feel or look as good as you can without eventually proceeding to The EODD Lifestyle Plan or The EODD Extreme Plan. These plans require a bit more effort and time. Both of the advanced plans still maintain a wonderful combination of ease and effectiveness, and our easy-to-follow guidelines will make the transition manageable and fun. Dedication to the goal is more important than dedication to the plan. 14 The Every Other Day Diet EveryOtherDayDiet.com Condition Number 2: You must be willing to do some form of exercise I will concede this—there are some diets that will shed fat without exercise. However, none of them are as healthy or as effective as diet and exercise combined. The new recommendations for exercise in EODD 2.0 are very simple and easy to work into your schedule. Without going into the metabolic whys and wherefores; exercise, particularly resistance weight training exercise, is critical to your success. This teaches your body how to use the fuel you are consuming for the purposes for which it was designed. For now, just make the commitment to do some exercise. You can do it—and once you begin you will more than likely find you want to continue exercising because it feels great and delivers life- long results when done properly. Study after study has demonstrated that the only way to stay lean for life is to exercise. Condition Number 3: You must be reasonable How long did it take you to get in the shape you are in now? A week? Six weeks? Several years? Ever ask yourself why these infomercials promise results in just days when it took years to gain all that body fat to begin with? Which do you think is an easier task—gaining or losing fat? Well then, why are you in such a hurry? I am inviting you to settle down and take this one day at a time. You have the rest of your life ahead of you. Trying to cram this into a set timeframe is just setting you up for failure. We want to set you up for success instead! We will cover setting reasonable but inspiring goals a bit later. For now, just take a step back and say, “I am in this for life!” The “few weeks” strategy has never served you well, has it? It is time we change it for the better—and that means a change for life. 15 The Every Other Day Diet EveryOtherDayDiet.com mY PROmIsE TO YOu I promise that I will deliver a System that has the power to help you change your eating patterns, body composition and even your mindset toward eating for the rest of your life. I promise to shoot straight with you at all times. I promise not to sell you a line of “miracle supplements” (although I will recommend supplements that are helpful and a few that are necessary.) I promise that none of these are dangerous fat-burners, although some help facilitate the process. I promise that very few if any special foods are needed. And, I promise everyone contributing to this book has been where you are right now— desperately wanting something that works. We truly know how you feel. So rest assured that everything we say comes from both our heads and our hearts. It comes from being in the trenches and discovering the best way to climb out. Here’s to your new lifestyle of weight management success—The EODD Way! Jon Benson 16 The Every Other Day Diet EveryOtherDayDiet.com T H E f O u n D AT I O n s O f E O D D cHAPteR 1 A Brief History of fat Let’s get started by learning more about our enemy— BODY FAT. Stephen Hawking is supposedly a good sport, so we trust he will not mind a bit of a spoof on his famous work on physics, A Brief History of Time. And, as a bonus to you, the reader, we will not be sharing our complex theories on black holes or the space-time continuum. We will save that for our next book, so Stephen can rest easy. You may believe, as many people do, that you are overweight because you lack willpower. Perhaps you blame genetics. What about your childhood environment? After all, mom and dad were not exactly marathon runners. Maybe it is your busy schedule. Who has the time to eat right these days? Then there are the workouts. Do not even talk about working out. Some of the above may be true, but there is good news. Everything above can be overcome. I, along with thousands of my clients, will happily testify to that fact! Now, let’s get some clarity on these beliefs. 17 The Every Other Day Diet EveryOtherDayDiet.com WIllPOWER Being lean takes a certain degree of willpower. However, diets based on willpower alone will almost always fail. The body and mind are powerfully wired to eat. Depriving yourself of this basic need over long periods of time—otherwise known as “dieting”—is a tremendous mistake for the vast majority of people. Dieting improperly can set your body up to store even more body fat than before, especially once you resume your normal eating patterns. Deprivation diets burn a lot of muscle along with the fat; less so if you are obese than if you are lean, but burning muscle is not our goal. Since muscle is active tissue and requires calories to survive, the less muscle you have, the less you can eat without getting fat. Take away a few pounds of muscle and the same diet that worked a year ago will make you gain fat today. Diets based on willpower alone will almost always fail. The body and mind are powerfully wired to eat. We need to acknowledge willpower as a part of a lifestyle approach to being lean and fit, but certainly not the cornerstone. In fact, we need strategies that remove willpower from the equation most of the time. That is what EODD is all about. Eating foods you enjoy most of the time is hardly a call for excessive willpower. gEnETIcs Genetics are a blessing and a curse. Some people are genetically lucky and stay lean naturally without paying too much attention to what they eat. (Note: The clinical term for these people is “evil”, from the Latin word meaning, “We don’t like you very much.” And, while it is true that some people are born with metabolic issues that predispose them to store fat in larger quantities, there are many ways to circumvent many, if not all, of these conditions. Just a few examples include low thyroid output, which can be treated by supplements like MACA or supplemental thyroid hormone under a doctor’s supervision. Lowering insulin output through decreased carbohydrates and eating smaller but more frequent meals can solve the problem of easy weight gain. Abnormal cravings for sugary foods can be helped through the use of chromium, L-Glutamine, sufficient protein, magnesium and many other nutritional tricks. Even without the greatest genes, just about anyone can radically improve his or her physique. I have seen clients and friends drop one hundred pounds or more and become super-fit using nothing more than good nutrition strategies and exercise. You can do it, too. 18 The Every Other Day Diet EveryOtherDayDiet.com fAT I s f u E l With all the controversy over fat, both dietary and otherwise, we are amazed at how infrequently we hear the literal truth—fat is fuel. This goes for both dietary fat and the fat that you store on your body. You store between 200 and 800 grams of sugar in the form of glycogen or glucose in your body at any one time. Glycogen storage is largely based on muscle mass. Bodybuilders, for example, can store hundreds of grams more glycogen than the average person. Both glycogen and glucose are predominantly derived from ingested sugars in the form of carbohydrates. Sugars burn very fast, but even complex carbohydrates are shortlived fuel sources. Think of carbohydrates, especially simple sugars, as rocket fuel. We were designed to consume this fuel in limited quantities when inactive, and in moderate quantities while very active. Now, compare this with body fat. How much fat can your body store? Do you even want to know? It is almost endless. Your body will store fat until the cells virtually explode. Why did nature play such a nasty trick on us? Is it discipline to prevent us from living on bon-bons and chips? No—in fact, it is the very reason we survived for all these centuries. W ithout fat, you would not even be around to read books on how to get rid of it. Nature has a sense of irony. There is a good reason we have the ability to store so much fat—your body prefers it as a long-term source of fuel. Now, if that is true, you may be wondering, then why do so many of us carry far too much body fat? The reason is two-fold. First, our lifestyles do not require the type of activity our bodies need to tap into our fat stores. Second, most of us are consuming far too many carbohydrates for our daily energy needs. The combination is proving to be deadly. This is why EODD was created—to address both of these reasons in a system that is not low-carbohydrate or based on starvation. EODD allows you to tap into your most precious long-term fuel source: your body fat. There is a good reason we have the ability to store so much fat your body prefers it as a long-term source of fuel. Now, what about calories? Your body fat cannot be used for fuel when more calories are consumed than are burned over time. Enter the “low calorie diet”—the diet most of us have tried for years. The problem is that these diets have not worked for us. What gives? 19 The Every Other Day Diet EveryOtherDayDiet.com BlAmE fRED flInTsTOnE Let’s pretend we are making some humans—cavemen, to be precise. We are basically making Fred Flintstone…without the Jackie Gleason accent. We know that fat—a dense, slow-burning fuel—will be required during long periods of famine, pseudo-hibernation periods, and long walks scavenging for food. This means Fred will need a lot of fat cells. We also know that for thousands of years, Fred’s food will be chasing him as much as he is chasing it, so he will need a bit of rocket fuel as well. That means occasional access to carbohydrate-rich foods like berries and nuts. Just like battery cells, Fred’s fat cells will store and provide energy on demand. Since that demand for energy will be accompanied by more food some months and practically none in others, Fred’s fat cells will really come in handy. Fred’s body fat will be tapped for fuel on a regular basis. Since Krispy Kreme is a long way from the savannah, Fred’s fat will have to do. Now, let’s zip back to the 21st century. Krispy Kreme is now only a few blocks away, but we no longer have to walk to get there. Automobiles and airplanes take us virtually everywhere we go. We are expending very little energy, yet we still have those fat cells around as a gift from our great-great-great-etc. grandfather Fred. Thanks Fred! On top of that, we now have a surplus of calories all the time. Our hips and waistlines reveal this fact to everyone at the beach club. So, we come to the conclusion that our Fred Flintstone-donated fat cells are sitting around a bit too idle. The body fat has to go. Besides, Fred wore a Muumuu—which is hardly fashionable beach attire. We will tap into our most precious and long-lasting source of fuel—our own fat stores. We begin to cut our calories in an effort to reduce that extra fuel we call body fat. Unfortunately for us, that triggers another genetic gift passed down from Fred—survival. Our bodies believe we are about to enter yet another famine, another long move on foot, or another winter. Perhaps we are getting older and can no longer hunt down that mammoth for dinner. In order to protect us, our body holds on to our fat like a miner holds on to gold. We know we must eat fewer calories, but that will end up encouraging our bodies to actually store body fat in the long run! What is the answer? 20 The Every Other Day Diet EveryOtherDayDiet.com THE AnsWER Is fOunD In THE PRIncIPlEs Of EODD The EODD principles are designed to work with your biochemistry and genetic tendencies instead of working against it. You will decrease calories while still encouraging fat loss by tricking the body into believing it is not undergoing famine or a long winter. You also overeat on specific days so that our metabolism stays nice and high. You workout to encourage your body to use the fuel you give it in the correct way—the way it was designed to use fuel—rather than storing it for future use. In so doing, you tap into our most precious and long-lasting source of fuel—your own fat stores. This is the fuel you absolutely need to burn in our modern times, as you are not faced with famine or being chased by tigers for days on end. (Note: If a tiger is chasing you, please put this book down and forget about dieting. Thank you.) WA n T T O B u R n m O R E B O D Y fAT ? T RAIn YOuR BODY TO sTOP BuRnIng sO mucH sugAR! Remember, there are two primary sources of fuel: fat and glucose (sugar.) One is rocket fuel; the other is slow burning unleaded mega-fuel. We will be using both, but focusing on burning fat for fuel to achieve the body and health we all want. To do this requires a shift in the way we look at food. We have to consume enough calories to keep our metabolic rate elevated. At the same time we must decrease our overall caloric intake enough to burn body fat. And, we must exercise in a way that demands more of our fat and less of our stored sugar for fuel. Finally, we must do all of the above in a way that negates stress, brings us pleasure, and keeps us dedicated to the Plan without requiring superhuman willpower in the process. Whew! I s T H I s D I f f I c u lT ? The truth is weight loss is never easy—but this is by far the easiest system I know of to get the job done, and certainly one of the most pleasurable. You are about to discover a new way to look at food—literally. It’s called The SNAPP System. You will use this method to gauge the amount of food you require as well as to determine what and when you should eat. No more counting calories. By using this system, you can also enjoy your favorite foods every other day. It’s enough to make even a caveman happy. Let’s get started by exposing some of the myths behind diets and fat loss…and the lies we unintentionally tell ourselves every day that keep us from the results we deserve. 21 The Every Other Day Diet EveryOtherDayDiet.com T H E f O u n D AT I O n s O f E O D D cHAPteR 2 mythBusters: Exposing The Dietary lies There are many myths surrounding diets, fat loss and obesity. one of the MOST popular is that obese people always just eat too much. In most cases this is true. Yet in some cases obese individuals consume no more food than their thinner counterparts. Some have slowed their metabolic rate so much on low-calorie diets that their bodies are in high gear to store fat no matter what or how little they eat! Why are we concerned with myth-busting? Simple: In order to defeat any foe we must discover every weakness. In this case, our beliefs are as much an enemy to us as our unwanted body fat. These beliefs are kept alive by urban legends, myths, misconceptions, and downright lies. We will look a few of the most popular myths and deceptions right now. “I Am Not Fat. I Am Big-Boned!” I am a huge fan of the television show South Park. Call me childish and twisted if you must, but South Park has been the release valve after many a night of rewrites, creative brainstorming, and workouts took their toll. One of the main characters, Eric Cartman, refuses to believe he is obese. This, despite the fact he is almost one hundred pounds at the age of nine and lives on the skin of fried chicken, Cheesy Poofs, and assorted junk food snacks. His rationale when teased about his weight is either total rage or excuses such as, “I’m not fat. I’m big-boned” and “I’m not fat. I’m festively plump.” 22 The Every Other Day Diet EveryOtherDayDiet.com While this makes for a few laughs in a cartoon, it is hardly funny in the real world. Yet you would be surprised how often I hear people who are visibly obese claim all sorts of beliefs that run contrary to the facts. Here are just a few of these claims: • Obviously I’m not too fat because I’m a size 4. • I am athletic and toned. After all, I run marathons. • I swallowed a lot of anger over the years. • My mom and dad are both fat, so I don’t have a choice. • I have very large bones. • I have a thyroid condition. We think you are ready to do just that; otherwise you would not be reading these words. Stop right now and congratulate yourself! So few people are willing to look reality in the eye, stare it down, and say, “Let’s go!” HOLLY SAYS........ “I’ll start when....” Waiting for the right time to begin EODD? It is typical for busy moms to be held back by the thoughts of needing to have everything “in place” or having more time before taking that first step forward. Likewise, for busy dads, there’s always another errand to run or a demand at the office that just must be met. Time will pass regardless. Ever ask yourself, “What’s the magic in waiting?” What do you expect will suddenly be different one week, two weeks, a month from now? 23 The Every Other Day Diet EveryOtherDayDiet.com As a busy mother myself, I can be upfront and tell you that the simple truth is there will always be too much to do. And guess what? There is no perfect time to begin except one: RIGHT NOW. You can decide, this very moment to make a firm decision to begin the EODD. Make this what is is—a lifestyle plan that is overflowing with benefits rather than merely just another diet. Do this today. Not just for you, but also for the lives of your loved one. If I told you that you could... - Have more energy - Eliminate cravings - Dramatically reduce stress - Accelerate fat loss - Drop a jean size… or two… or six! - Feel good about yourself again - Radiate with confidence Would you smile, look me in the eye and say, “No thanks, not right now, the time just isn’t quite right?” Hardly! If not now, when? And when that mythical time arrives, what is to prevent you from making the exact same statement? Soon you may find another year has passed…and then another. And another. The choice to put off what you can begin today is simply an excuse. It seems like the easy route—a path that will allow you to hang on to unsupportive, familiar habits that give you nothing in return. The truth is procrastination robs you of your three sources of personal power: Time, Energy and Money. That’s right—you will waste money by not starting today. Junk food is far more expensive than SNAPP will ever be! It’s time your actions express your priorities. Agreed? 24 The Every Other Day Diet EveryOtherDayDiet.com Let’s take a brief look at some of the most common limiting beliefs. I will include some funny personal examples just to keep things light. The point here is not to make fun of anyone, but rather to point out how easy it is for the most honest and intelligent people to deceive themselves. I have done my fair share of self-deception, too! “Obviously I’m not too fat because I’m a size 4.” It does not matter what size you are ladies, or what the size of your waist is for the guys. The bottom line is always the percentage of fat to lean muscle—your body fat percentage. I have measured women who wore a size 2 jean who were over 35% body fat. I have also measured men with 30-inch waistlines who carried all their fat above the waist in their upper abs and chest and clocked in at over 25% body fat. In this case, size truly does not matter. You can be “skinny-fat”—thin, but with a body that jiggles everywhere when you run. This is not what you want! Individuals in this condition should be just as focused on burning body fat as those who look more visibly overweight. “I am athletic and toned. After all, I run marathons.” I admit, I put this example in from personal experience. I get my fair share of email from people who are quick to point out how fit they are. What many of them mean is that they are in good cardiovascular condition. That does not equate to being lean and trim. Not too long ago I met a young lady for coffee. She had spent a good half-hour on the phone covering her training and nutrition with me for an upcoming marathon. “This will be my fourth marathon in two years,” she said—and she was being honest. When I arrived at the coffee shop, I literally walked right past her. She was a good forty pounds overweight and looked as if she had never walked a mile, let alone ran twenty-six miles at once. Now, this is all fine and dandy—except when the individual is laboring under the illusion that he or she is lean simply because he or she runs a lot or exercises every week. This kind of thinking can lead to a false self-image and ill health later in life. We must look at the results of our work—not the work we do. Results are always what count! We must look at the results of our work—not the work we do. Results are always what count! 25 The Every Other Day Diet EveryOtherDayDiet.com “I swallowed a lot of anger over the years.” This example was lifted from the movie Stripes. The late John Candy made this remark, and followed it with, “I also swallowed a lot of pizzas.” At least he was being completely honest. Emotions definitely affect our weight, but only when we do not have a strategy to deal with them and turn to food as the answer. I have done it. Holly has done it. Most of us have been guilty of eating from emotional reaction. The truth is we all have emotional issues to face. Some of us have greater challenges than others, but emotions alone cannot cause weight gain and obesity problems. Weight gain is usually the result of poor habits on our part. Emotions, as powerful as they may be, are devoid of calories. “My mom and dad are both fat, so I don’t have a choice.” One of the leanest guys I know has parents who are both obese. These are his biological parents. His siblings are all overweight as well. What’s his secret? He refuses to accept his lot in life as fixed. He works with his genes using many of the principles covered in EODD. And he has adopted a strong personal identity. Adopt the identity of a victim and you become that which you detest. Adopt the identity of a winner and success is bound to follow. “I have very large bones.” Okay Cartman…we get the picture. Let me burst this bubble for good—no one has bones that are so large as to cause obesity or create an obese appearance. No one. Bigger-boned individuals actually make for stronger specimens, so look at it that way. The stronger you are, the more muscle you tend to carry—and muscle burns calories around the clock. It is not your bones you should be focused on. It is what resides around your waist and hips. “I have a thyroid condition.” Really? Me too. I have been hypothyroid since my early to mid-twenties. Fortunately this can be an easy disease to treat. Unfortunately, many people blame their thyroid gland for their weight gain without taking an honest look at what is on their plate. By all means, get your thyroid levels checked. The tests I have done are TSH, Free T3, T4, Reverse T3, and thyroid antibodies. Rule it out if you must. Then move on toward the ultimate answer—a more powerful, dynamic, fitness-focused and nutritionally balanced lifestyle. No matter what your thyroid condition, this will still be your best and only weapon against long-term weight gain. Here is the takeaway: if you are overweight, chances are great that you can manage the condition. Even with strong genetics toward excess fat storage, over 95% of obesity can be reversed with relatively simple lifestyle changes. Besides, The Every Other Day Diet is not a book of excuses. This is a book of HOPE. 26 The Every Other Day Diet EveryOtherDayDiet.com snAkE OIl suPPlEmEnTs We will never forget Tom Venuto’s answer to a fan’s question on supplements. Tom is the author of a great book on burning body fat, Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle. We highly recommend it. You can get it by going to GetBurnTheFat.com. Here is Tom’s reply… Q: “Tom, I’m looking for the best fat loss supplements out there. What do you suggest?” A: “The three best fat loss supplements, according to the latest cutting-edge scientific studies, have finally been discovered and secretly released to a select group of fitness professionals. At long last, these secrets are mine to share with the world. These miraculous supplements are: 1. The Stairmaster 2. The Treadmill 3. The Elliptical Glider Let me know how these work for you. They’re best taken on an empty stomach...Tom.” We need to consider the probability that the vast majority of supplements sold today are indeed snake oil. The same can be said of almost every diet plan on the market today. Most diet books deliver either an unhealthy plan that promotes rapid weight loss or an unrealistic plan that most of us will never follow. Neither of these options should be acceptable to you from this day forward. That being said, there are some wonderful supplements you should consider. A good multivitamin may be essential depending on your current nutrition and food sources. Fish oil is a great way to get your essential fatty acids. I prefer krill oil to fish oil for its higher antioxidant properties. Magnesium has been used for heart health and mental clarity. I find Ginkgo biloba helpful my mental focus. For sports performance, good old creatine is hard to beat when it comes to strength and muscle gain and glutamine when it comes to muscle recovery. My favorite sports performance supplement is Tribustol. Produced here in Dallas, Tribustol has been tested at the university level and used for years among top-level athletes. You can read more and try Tribustol for yourself at Tribustol.com. There is also a long list of supplements used to help specific health conditions that goes beyond the scope of this book. A good Naturopathic doctor would be advisable for prescribing specific nutrients for your particular conditions. This is just a partial list of supplements you can use. None of them are necessary to gain all the fat-burning benefits of EODD but each are highly recommended. 27 The Every Other Day Diet EveryOtherDayDiet.com fAT D O E s n O T m A k E Y O u fAT Hopefully one day this myth will be put to rest for once and for all. Until then, we will continue to point out the painfully obvious: The over-consumption of anything, even salad, can make you gain body fat. You would have to work a lot harder at overeating salad than you would cheese, but the point is still valid. When people claim they crave fat most of the time they are craving carbohydrates. While pizza and ice cream are very high in fat, they are also both very high in carbohydrates. It is rare that someone craves butter by itself. When is the last time you went on a butter stick binge? We bet you have been on a cookie binge, however. Cookies are mostly carbohydrate. This is what you are craving. We do not even list “fat” as a food category, despite the fact that it is technically a macronutrient, along with protein and carbohydrate. We will explain why in the coming chapters. For now, rest assured: dietary fat does not make you fat. In fact, many people do very well on a high-fat diet when it comes to weight loss. Fat is also necessary for hormone health and protects the integrity of the Myelin neuron sheaths in the brain. These sheaths are 70% fat and are formed and maintained by dietary fats and cholesterol. A diet comprised of 25-30% fat is usually ideal and very healthy. fA D D I E T s When it comes to food and how we perceive it, this is a new world, replete with new problems and new issues never seen before in our history. These problems directly affect our bodies and their capacity to stay healthy and burn fat. They cannot be answered by next Hollywood diet. They cannot be answered in a few days using a liquid diet or some other protocol you would never use for more than a few hours. They can and will be answered with a nutrition strategy that makes sense without making you a slave to the process—a strategy you are willing to use for the rest of your life. I believe that traditional dieting is a horrible idea. Only the most experienced athletes and “professional dieters” should even bother with it. Look at this way: did you take a shower today? How about yesterday? Why? Because you enjoy staying clean all the time. Don’t you think you would enjoy staying lean all of the time? Just like showering, staying lean requires stepping out of the hustle and bustle of life for a few minutes a day and pampering yourself just a little. That’s right—I consider eating healthy pampering yourself. You are treating yourself to a meal that will give you energy, lower your body fat, and sharpen your senses. If that isn’t pampering, what is? 28 The Every Other Day Diet EveryOtherDayDiet.com Consider eating healthy pampering yourself. Fad diets appear to initially work by promoting rapid water loss during the first few days or weeks. After that, you are on your own. Your metabolism is now running at the speed of molasses, and you have probably burned off more than your fair share of calorie-using muscle in the process. There is no need to drop ten pounds a week. In fact, it is impossible to do without losing precious muscle mass. Fad diets never work. Give fad diets a rest forever. Adopt the EODD System and enjoy it from here on out. Your Everyday And Inner Dialog– The Key To Unlocking Your Mental Power! My struggle with obesity was conquered first in my mind. This too is where you must begin. We will cover mental empowerment in detail later. For now, let’s uncover the lies we unintentionally tell ourselves on a daily basis. These lies are a part of our inner dialog. Do you love pizza? Do you love ice cream? Do you love chocolate? — No, you do not. Are you fat? — No…you are not fat. Have you ever said you hate yourself? — You cannot hate yourself. Does this seem absurd to you? It will not in a few minutes. Think about it. Do you really “love” pizza…or do you love your family, your Creator, and/or your closest friends? These supposedly small lies we tell ourselves can radically affect our subconscious mind. The subconscious knows no distinction between fact and fiction. The last thing you want to do is continually deceive yourself with seemingly innocent slang. You do not love pizza. You may enjoy pizza, but you cannot love it. The same goes for ice cream, chocolate, or any other food. Your subconscious can actually begin to respond to “loving fill-in-the-blank food” and increase your craving for it. Your mind already has a strong association to the word love, and is only natural to crave more of what we continually tell our minds we love. Can you see the potential danger in self-deception, even when it appears innocent on the surface? 29 The Every Other Day Diet EveryOtherDayDiet.com You must stop labeling yourself and start empowering y ourself. This begins with your inner dialog— the conversations you have every day with you. Likewise, you do not hate yourself. You are probably much like we were. We hated our condition, but we loved ourselves enough to change it. Neither of us truly hated our self. Doesn’t this sound more like the truth to you? Try saying this out-loud: I love myself so much that I now demand a life of h ealth, vitality, and leanness! That is the truth! That is what you really want. No more lies and no more excuses. They just fuel the fires that burn in troubled hills. Just as you cannot love pizza, you cannot be fat. You can only carry too much fat. This is a crucial distinction when it comes down to removing the stress of being obese or over-fat from your life and employing the power of honesty with yourself. Try this exercise: stand in front of the mirror and say, “I am fat!” How did that make you feel? Sad? Depressed? Miserable? Now, repeat this exercise, but say this: I am temporarily carrying more body fat than I desire. Big difference, wasn’t it? Did you feel more empowered and less belittled by using the second sentence? This is due to the fact that the first sentence is useless. You cannot “be” fat any more than you can be “lamp” or “desk”. Fat is the ester of glycerol and one, two, or three fatty acids. It is not sentient. It cannot think, dream or feel. You are not “fat”. You can only be you. You can carry more body fat than you desire, but you cannot be fat. While this is meant to be somewhat jovial, the consequences of telling your self disempowering statements such as these are anything but funny. These lies become labels—labels our subconscious mind begins to believe and react to negatively. You must stop labeling yourself and start empowering yourself. This begins with your inner dialog—the conversations you have every day with you. Anything less than speaking the truth to yourself is an exercise in going backwards. Your inner dialog translates to your outer dialog, so be sure to create the conversations with yourself at all times by using honest, powerful, and truthful language. This book is not just about eating right. It is about the truth and how to escape the consequences of a life of myths and fear-based habits. That truth starts with being honest with your self. Honesty, love and personal power are three of the greatest gifts anyone can give to that special someone who looks back at you in the mirror every morning. 30 The Every Other Day Diet EveryOtherDayDiet.com T H E f O u n D AT I O n s O f E O D D cHAPteR 3 The silent secret: Your key To fat Burning Power It continues to be the true leading cause of death in the world, yet is it not a disease. It is at an all-time high and continuing to climb; yet most people do not pay much attention to it. And it is the main reason, in our opinion, that diets fail. It is stress. Stress is at an all-time high. Despite a technically superior world, we live in the dark ages when it comes to downtime, relaxation and play. In 1930 the British economist John Maynard Keynes predicted that the biggest problem facing future generations would be what to do with all their leisure time. So, how about it? Are you faced with the problem of too much leisure time? We will wager that if asked, “Are you over-stressed in your day-to-day life?” your answer would be a resounding, “Yes!” As you will soon discover, this does not bode well for fat loss. Most all diets generate stress. Ironically, stress inhibits fat burning. Stress can shut down the biological processes necessary to burn fat efficiently as well as trigger the cravings and binges we have all experienced. EODD is different because it was designed from the ground up to address the effects of stress on dieting. Our approach is virtually stress-free and therefore very effective. Let’s go back to our Old West analogy for a moment. Very few of us work as hard as the men and women who tamed the Wild West. The hours were long and the work was backbreaking. You would think that stress would have been a major killer in those days—and there is little doubt that this was the case for some people. 31 The Every Other Day Diet EveryOtherDayDiet.com But take a look at the key differences in dietary, social and moral structure that has occurred over the past one hundred and twenty years. In 1880, you had a family unit that ate together, played together and relaxed together at the end of a long day. The number of single-parent families in a given town could be counted on one hand. Note: We are in no way belittling the single parent. To the contrary, we highly respect them. We only wish to point out the intense stress single parenting can induce. The foods consumed were fresh and usually grown in one’s own back yard, or the back yard of a neighboring farmer. There was no T.V. No media onslaught, full of bad news, waiting for you at every minute on CNN. The daily paper mostly contained reports on business, local economy, families and religious matters. It was rare that a morbid headline made its way into publication.c You may be asking what this all has to do with fat loss and dieting. Plenty. sTREss Is A cHEmIcAl DIsAsTER Stress creates an influx of catabolic (destructive) hormones. These hormones can actually increase the amount of fat that is stored on the body, particularly in the belly region. Stress triggers the body to store fat. The stress hormone cortisol can increase the amount of abdominal fat the body stores. This is due to the number of receptor sites within the fat cells in that region and their sensitivity to cortisol and another fat-related hormone called leptin. These stress hormones also contribute to depression, anxiety and other emotional conditions that are known diet-killers—and most people go off of a diet because of an emotional trigger. Comfort foods are comforting for a reason. They have been shown to increase many of the feel-good chemicals and pain-suppressing chemicals in the brain, particularly opioids. Does that word sound familiar? If not, think opium. Most people go off of a diet because of an emotional trigger. Opioids are among the brain’s natural pain killer. These chemicals can also induce a feeling of euphoria. There are better ways to accomplish this chemically speaking that involve exercise and proper stress management. Comfort foods may temporarily reduce stress, but they come with the high price of ill-health and obesity. Daily caloric restriction actually creates additional stress. 32 The Every Other Day Diet EveryOtherDayDiet.com To make matters worse, stress can dramatically affect how much fat is stored. In a series of experiments on mice, researchers showed that stress-induced neurochemicals promoted fat growth in the belly region equivalent to that of consuming a junk-food diet. Does it make any sense at all to go on a diet and create more stress because of it? Just consider how stressful dieting can be. Worrying about food all the time and constantly fighting off temptations to cheat are hardly stress-free endeavors. Since any diet will generate some stress, it only makes sense to reduce it as much as possible. That is what EODD is designed to do. THE sPEED Of lIfE Our lives are increasing in pace and speed. Like sprinters, we may soon find ourselves measuring our lives in milliseconds. Modern life has created a three-headed monster out of the union of food, family, and time. Our pace is so great that few of us have the luxury of what our ancestors took for granted—down time with food and family in a loving environment. This may seem like an odd connection, but we want you to consider the degree of stress that is generated by the trio of food, family and time. Nowadays it is all about how fast mom can get to the fast food place so the kids can have a snack after soccer practice. Dad is working longer hours and eating whatever comes his way so he can focus on his work. Our kids are often left to their own devices when it comes to eating at school. God-forbid we allow our schools to feed our children. The nutrition in schools is at an all-time low. Like sprinters, we may soon find ourselves measuring our lives in milliseconds. All of these factors increase stress in our lives. Increased stress not only makes us fatter— it creates confusion. No one thinks clearly when he or she is under undue stress. THE cOnfusED mInD DOEs nOTHIng This is one of the most profound truths you will come across in this book: confusion leads to partial or total inaction. Let’s look at all the pieces of the stress and dietary puzzle. We have our daily lives creating stress, which in turn creates a hormonal and biochemical nightmare in our bodies. This can cause us to binge eat, or simply eat out of convenience. Such eating habits are rarely healthy, nor good for the waistline. Then, to top it all off, we go on diet after diet to rid our bodies of the fat stress helped to create, causing even more stress. Add the confusion of what to eat, how to diet, and how to exercise. Should you go low carbohydrate or high protein? Ugh! It is a vicious circle. This entire process is a stress-generating machine. 33 The Every Other Day Diet EveryOtherDayDiet.com The end result is so much confusion that you do absolutely nothing. Confusion literally shuts down processes in the brain that help you make rational choices. In an attempt to protect its higher functions, the brain can virtually shut itself down. Well, not totally, otherwise you would die—but certainly “down” enough to stop you from taking action, thinking clearly, and getting excited about much of anything. The answer must be a reduction of daily stress through relaxation, recreation, meditation, or a combination of all three, coupled with a nutrition plan that is not stressful and a workout program that reduces stress and anxiety. Crash diets and diets that are extremely difficult to follow generate more stress than results. This is one of the main reasons why they are so short-lived. Eventually the brain shuts down and you begin to react biochemically to the negative effects of the additional stress. That usually means a trip to the doughnut shop…or two…or twenty. And, just like that, your “failed” your diet. In reality, your diet failed you. Y O u D O n O T WA n T T H E s T R E s s O f E AT I n g l I k E A s PA R R O W O R A B O D Y B u I l D E R It is ironic that starvation diets (eating like a sparrow) are no less stressful than bodybuilding diets (eating all the time) for most people. You do not want to do either if you are looking to simply drop some weight, feel great in your clothes, and increase your health and energy. Why build a mansion when you really want a cabin by the lake? Many diet books advocate a bodybuilding-type nutrition plan. Six meals per day, usually consisting of an even mixture of super lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, and vegetables here and there. There is nothing wrong with this diet at all—except that it is overkill for what most people really want. Plus, it can cause that dreaded “S” word to crop up. Stress over missing a meal, getting all your food cooked for the week, and monitoring calories and grams is enough to drive even a bodybuilder nuts. Well, I’m a bodybuilder, but I do not eat as described above. I eat a modified version of EODD—The Extreme Plan—for most of the year. I gave up eating six meals a day years ago. While it worked for bodybuilding, the stress it caused and the lifestyle impacts were not worth the results. You certainly do not want to starve yourself. Even if this does work for a short time, it always ends up in a binge and a metabolic crash. That approach really is for the birds! 34 The Every Other Day Diet EveryOtherDayDiet.com I s T H I s W H AT Y O u WA n T ? You want results, but you do not want to give up your life, your schedule, or your favorite foods in the process. You want a healthy and effective middle ground approach. You probably do not care if every muscle on your body is visible. You just want to look and feel great in your clothes and perhaps at the beach, right? The good news is you do not have to eat like a bodybuilder to get the results you are after. If you do want to explore your limits, then you will want to try Jon’s personal EODD Plan—aptly titled The EODD Extreme Plan. Look on page 80 for the details. We just do not think it’s fair to start there. It is not fair to say, “Eat like we eat.” We have been doing this a long time. The shifts we make and the foods we want to eat are radically different than someone who is just starting out. Our bodies demand more protein, more frequent feedings, and less indulgence in order to get the results we desire. That being said, the results we want are not the results the majority of our clients want—and we respect that. This is another reason why we created EODD. We took the principles we use and, frankly, made them a heck of a lot easier to follow. The result is a system that will teach you a new way to look at food without making you a slave to food in the process. This is what we call the “silent secret”—the reduction of the silent killer, stress, through strategic and enjoyable eating. This not only makes you a happier dieter, but it also makes you a more successful one. Stress-free eating is truly one of the best-kept secrets we know when it comes to getting leaner and happier at the same time! You want results, but you do not want to give up your life, your schedule, or your favoritefoods in the process. You want a healthyand effective middle ground approach. If you are one of the many who just want to release that body fat and get on with your life, this book is for you. It was conceived and written for the busiest clients we have. These are folks who did not have the time to prepare food and carry it around with them as we do on occasion. They do not want to live in a gym and spend hours a day slaving away to acquire the perfect body. Most of us just want to feel good in our own skin, which is the best cure for stress we know! 35 The Every Other Day Diet EveryOtherDayDiet.com AnD sPEAkIng Of sTREss… Despite the fact that EODD has the word “diet” in the title, it is actually a practical approach to altering how you already eat in a way that will help you shed fat and become healthier. Yes, some modifications will naturally occur. You cannot keep eating exactly the way you are and change your body. You already know that. Our Plans allow you to keep all your favorite foods and still make radical body changes, all with minimal stress. I am practicing what I preach as I write this book. At the time I originally wrote this paragraph, I was outside in the California sun taking-in the beauty of the Santa Cruz Mountains. I love to counter the stress of work with the non-stress of beauty, sunshine, laughter, and flexible nutrition. Now thAt is living a stress-reduced lifestyle! HOLLY SAYS........ TImE mAnAgEmEnT TIPs 2laying Super-Human and juggling a massive to-do list is really not about time management. This term implies you can create more time in your day. Actually we cannot create more time no matter how hard we try. Let’s take a new perspective. Here’s an awesome solution I have found that works extremely well. Rather than manage time, manage your Personal Energy! First, address your mindset. Erase perfectionism and the need to mark everything off a list. Next, let’s prioritize. You know no matter how hard you try, some of your to-do list will carry over into the next day or two—and that is okay. The expectation that everything must be accomplished has been taken care of. I have taken the time to prioritize my list. I ask what absolutely must be done today. Sure, we all tend to say, “Everything!” But we have to be realistic. My trick is simple: I limit my Must Do List to three items. If it is life or death that more than 3 things must be accomplished, I think it’s time to re-evaluate and set new priorities. 36 The Every Other Day Diet EveryOtherDayDiet.com This takes some planning. I have found that right before I go to bed is the best time to create my Must Do and Want To Do lists. I sleep with a more restful mind after I plan the following day. Plus your subconscious mind goes to work on your tasks while you sleep. You may just wake up with some killer new ideas and ways to get it done even faster! Then, identify your Energy Flux. I am aware of when I am most productive during my day and at night. I have discovered that I have two blocks of time where I can get the most done—first thing in the morning and shortly after my son goes to sleep. Finally you must coordinate your schedule. Take your Must Do tasks and schedule them according to your greatest energy flux times of the day. When I check these tasks off my list I move on to what is next based on allotted periods of time. NOTE: Giving yourself a defined period of time to get things done works magic. You effortlessly use your time more wisely after you realize how much of it tends to be wasted. This technique works great for children, and it absolutely works for adults as well. So grab a kitchen timer and begin keeping track of how long it takes to complete your tasks. Just as a food log brings eating habits to our attention, a simple timer on your tasks can really make the process more effective as well as making it a bit of fun! 37 The Every Other Day Diet EveryOtherDayDiet.com T H E f O u n D AT I O n s O f E O D D cHAPteR 4 Building Blocks Of EODD As with any other solid nutrition plan, eodd is focused on good nutrition, frequent, smaller meals, and an overall caloric deficit. Note I said “overall”—that is the key. But how does it all work? How can you eat “bad” foods every week and still lose weight? Like a well-designed building, eodd has a solid foundation. In our case, the bricks that create the foundation are made of science, common sense, and even a few not-so-guilty pleasures. Let’s take a closer look at these building blocks now. I n T E R VA l E AT I n g A n D P l A n n E D VA R I A n c E Over the years, various dietary geniuses developed strategies to trick the body into thinking it was being fed more than it was. The premise is simple: vary the calories throughout the week and keep the body guessing. I call this Interval Eating. Interval Eating works because body does not process calories on a daily basis but rather over a period of time. This explains why you can sometimes feel leaner after a day off your diet. After 48-96 hours of lower calorie eating, the body actually benefits from a good boost of calories and carbohydrate. It responds by turning up the metabolic fires-- incinerating extra calories and fat. Many people try to consume the same amount of food every day. They erroneously believe that by consistently eating fewer calories than they require, they will burn fat. As we have discussed, this is a short-term fix. The body quickly catches on and shuts down those metabolic fires, conserving its fat stores to protect itself from perceived famine. Interval Eating is the solution to this challenge. 38 The Every Other Day Diet EveryOtherDayDiet.com EODD not only varies calories over the course of the week, but it also varies the macronutrients and calories in specific combinations. Macronutrients are protein, carbohydrate, fat, and alcohol (with alcohol not being of critical importance to survival, despite the opinions of millions of college students to the contrary). I call this system of eating Planned Variance (PV), and it is worked into the structure of EODD. It is scientifically valid, as it creates a biochemical environment to burn fat. However, unlike a traditional diet, you will not feel deprived every day. In fact, most days you will feel full and satiated as if you were not on a diet at all. The good news is you do not have to think about this process. The EODD Plans are built around the Interval Eating and Planned Variance principles. All of this is done behind the scenes. You do not have to figure out what gets cycled where. You just get to enjoy the benefits! B u R n D AY s A n D f E E D D AY s EODD uses a seven-day system that varies your calories and macronutrients. This makes the EODD Plans convenient and easy to work in to your work and weekend schedules. Let’s remember one of our key objectives: simplicity. Keep the stress low and the plan easy to follow. Each Plan has its own specific schedule consisting of Burn and Feed Days throughout the week. Burn Days are a day filled with low-calorie foods that are high in protein, adequate in carbohydrate and full of veggies and natural fiber. Feed Days are days you will enjoy your favorite foods within strategic guidelines. These days will naturally be higher in calories and carbohydrates. There is no need to count calories or percentages of macronutrients. Just enjoy the Plans as they are designed and you will reap the benefits of something I discussed earlier: Planned Variance. R E D u c E D W E E k lY c A l O R I c I n TA k E While calories are not all there is to the dietary equation, the fact remains that diets that reduce calories wisely are the ones that ultimately burn body fat. The key to the EODD Plans is that their structures avoid putting the body into starvation mode while effectively reducing caloric intake. 39 The Every Other Day Diet EveryOtherDayDiet.com If you examine the types and quantities of food permitted on the EODD Plans, you will note that the overall caloric intake for the week works out to be enough to burn about a pound of body fat. Combined with sufficient exercise, you can expect to burn off between 1-2 pounds of body fat every 7-9 days. On Burn Days, the EODD Plans call for between one-half and two-thirds of your baseline maintenance calorie intake, or the number of calories required to maintain your weight reduced by 50-75%. Bear in mind you will not be counting calories. I am going to show you a new way to look at food…remember? The Feed Days bump your caloric intake well above baseline, often as much as one and a half times your maintenance level. That’s okay—we are training the body to use those extra calories and carbohydrates to stoke the metabolic fires to burn fat, even as are creating an overall weekly caloric deficit. HOLLY SAYS........ THE suPER-HumAn sYnDROmE: lEssEn THE sTREss! 24 hours in a day. 48 hours of to-dos. Do you find that day after day you end up with too much on your plate as you take on the role of Super-Human? Super-Mom, Super-Dad, Super-Kid…it’s all the same. I know this role all too well. “If only I had more time, I could…” Can we really do it all, have it all and find the additional time to modify what and how we eat, and to achieve a better body? You bet! EODD is not about adding one more thing to your to-do list. It’s a simple way of eating that eliminates the stress in your life that is associated with a diet that you just cannot manage. All too often you will find diet plans that ask you to place 110% focus on what you are eating day in and day out. This just leaves you stressed, frustrated and with little time to take care of the other tasks of the day. 40 The Every Other Day Diet EveryOtherDayDiet.com With the EODD system of Planned Variance, you do not have to count calories day in and day out, spend all your time planning and preparing meals, or feel restricted in what you can and cannot eat. Therefore your solution is not about having more time to implement an effective diet plan. In fact, making simple changes to the way you eat and following the interval eating plan up eases the hassle and actually frees up your time. T H E m AT H B E H I n D T H E B u R n A n D f E E D D AY P R I n c I P l E Despite the fact that you will not be counting calories during this process, we wanted to include an example of how the EODD Plans work by using a reference we all know too well: calories. This is just for illustration purposes. Again, you do not need to calculate anything. Let’s pretend John Doe needs to consume about 2,100 calories per day in order to lose weight. On his Burn Days, he will be eating about half this amount, perhaps a bit more, as determined by our new way of looking at food. (This is covered in Chapter 6.) On John’s high calorie Feed Days, he will be eating about 1.5 to 2 times this amount, unless John decides to really overdo it. Let’s look at the math. All figures are approximated for illustration purposes: mOnDAY TuE s DAY WE DnE s D AY THuRs DAY fRIDAY sATuRDAY s unDAY 1,200 3,200 1,200 3,200 1,200 4,000 1,200 T OTAl fOR T HE WE E k AV E RAgE (P E R DAY ) 41 cAl O RI E s cAl O RI E s cAl O RI E s cAl O RI E s cAl O RI E s cA lO R I Es cAl O RI E s 1 5 , 2 0 0 cAl O RI E s 2 , 1 7 1 cAl O RI E s The Every Other Day Diet EveryOtherDayDiet.com Since John Doe will not be eating a specific number of calories on either his Burn or Feed Days, he will naturally consume a bit more and a bit less throughout the week. With this fact in mind, John is right on the mark, give or take 71 calories, to hit his goal of 2,100 calories per day when averaged out over seven days. The end result is a loss in body fat since John is consuming less food over time than the body needs. Isn’t this a better approach to dieting? We certainly think so. And it works like a charm. But wait, there’s more! The example above does not take into consideration the calories John will be expending during exercise. It should be very simple to generate 71 calories per day of exercise. That is nothing more than a short walk. Nor does our example above factor in the intense hormonal power John will create by limiting insulin and maximizing glucagon. Also, thanks to the principle of interval eating, John has managed to avoid metabolic shutdown and a hormonal crash that will leave him depressed and drained. The end result is a leaner, healthier, more energetic John Doe. H O R m O n E E l E VAT I O n A topic that is rarely discussed in diet books is the role of your hormones in dietary success— specifically thyroid hormone. Dietary wizard Dan Duchaine was emphatic in pointing out that one of the reasons diets stop working was the reduction of the thyroid hormone T4. “This occurs when calories are reduced for a prolonged period of time,” says Dan. Since your thyroid is one of the key players in metabolism, this makes perfect sense. The body is used to being fed a specific number of calories day in and day out. Usually those calories are too high, which of course leads to excess body fat. However, we now know that if you cut your caloric intake too much or for too long a period of time, your body responds by slowing your metabolism down. Part of this process includes the reduction of T4, the thyroid hormone responsible for producing active thyroid, or T3. Low T3 can lead to an inability to burn fat efficiently. One study in particular showed a marked decrease in T3 in obese children on a prolonged low-calorie diet. The key to keeping a healthy balance of thyroid hormone, assuming you do not have a metabolic disease that requires medical treatment, is to feed the body just enough throughout the week to avoid suppressing T3. EODD accomplishes this with ease. 42 The Every Other Day Diet EveryOtherDayDiet.com c R A n k u P T H E B O D Y H E AT Thermogenesis is the creation of body heat. The process of thermogenesis is crucial to burning fat. Since a calorie is a unit of heat, you may assume that calories alone increase thermogenesis. This is true to a point; thermogenesis can be blunted in the presence of too many calories consumed all at once. Think of tossing a huge log on a fire that is barely burning. It would put the fire out. On the other hand, that same log tossed in a roaring fire would stoke the flames. The same is true of calories and your metabolism. Either your metabolism is on fire or it is sluggish and in need of some “kindling” in the form of smaller, more nutrient-dense protein-rich meals. This is one of the many reasons nutritionists wisely recommend smaller, more frequent meals as opposed to two or three meals per day. I do, too—but I do not demand that you eat six meals per day or that you eat every 2-3 hours. Protein has been shown to be the most thermogenic of all foods, producing 24 more kilocalories of heat than carbohydrate. This means that protein requires more body heat to metabolize, and therefore more calories are burned in the process. This is one of the many reasons why a moderately-high protein diet helps burn body fat. A recent study demonstrated that simply increasing protein intake from 15% to 30% promoted weight loss, even when calories were not closely monitored and carbohydrates were kept at the same level. This should have resulted in an increase in weight from the added protein calories, but the results proved just the opposite. There should be no doubt that protein is a powerful aid when it comes to weight loss. Not only does it increase thermogenesis, it also blunts the appetite. Sounds like the ideal dietary weapon to us! All of the EODD Plans are moderately high in protein. Assuming you are in good health and drink plenty of water, diets of this nature can be safe, and very effective at increasing thermogenesis. Burn Days along with Planned Variance keep your metabolic fires from being smothered by Feed Days, allowing your body to operate at its highest metabolic efficiency. B y eating just enough of the right types of foods at the right times , t hermogenesis is maximized by the EODD. 43 The Every Other Day Diet EveryOtherDayDiet.com lOsE YOuR HungER No one likes to feel hungry. Hunger can create feelings of anxiety, slow thought processes down, and make us irritable. Satiety is the absence of hunger. It is a satisfied feeling—not necessarily a full feeling. Most people do not enjoy feeling too full any more than they enjoy feeling hungry. A recent study demonstrated that simply increasing protein intake from 15% to 30% promoted weight loss. Dietary fat, protein and fiber are the three key players in creating satiety without creating excessive fullness. The EODD Plans contain ample fats and dietary fiber. Each Plan starts your morning off with a protein-rich breakfast with the option to include fiber-rich veggies. This will help curb your appetite and increase satiety for hours. s AY g O O D B Y E T O B O R E D O m When asked why most people go off their diets, former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop said simply, “Boredom.” To solve this problem, I designed EODD to be the least boring diet on earth. Eating the foods you enjoy throughout the week and interspersed with the foods that generate the greatest amount of fat-burning thermogenic power is a great to approach dieting. Consider it in these terms: anyone can do just about anything for one day. Knowing you have more food (and different food) coming the very next day, every other day, is a great way to prevent boredom from ever entering your mind. IncREAsE YOuR EnERgY Diets that are too low in calories or carbohydrates can drain your mental and physical energy. EODD is structured to provide sufficient calories for daily activities on Burn Days and ample calories for exercise and your daily regimen on Feed Days. You will rarely if ever be low on energy on EODD. In fact, you will probably notice that your energy is greater than ever, which will spur you towards your health and fitness goals! mEET YOuR nuTRITIOnAl nEEDs Any diet should meet your basic nutritional needs. EODD contains ample carbohydrate, plenty of vegetables, moderate amounts of fruit, ample protein and plenty of healthy fats. Your vitamin, mineral and macronutrient levels should be easily met on this plan, and all of these levels will far exceed those of a typical American diet or a diet based on deprivation. You will find that meeting or exceeding your basic nutritional needs will make fat loss much easier. 44 The Every Other Day Diet EveryOtherDayDiet.com gET EnOugH fIBER Without enough fiber in your diet, many things can go haywire. Your body burns less fat, has trouble eliminating toxins and waste products, and hunger sets in quickly. Fiber is vital to feeling a lack of hunger without being overly full. It helps the body slow down its hunger signals through the process of chewing and improving the digestive process. So, make no mistake about it: on a diet, fiber is your best friend. By consuming the salads and vegetables recommended on the EODD Plans, you will easily fulfill your body’s need for fiber. s TAY H Y D R AT E D I could write an entire chapter on water alone. You must drink adequate amounts of water throughout the day, every day, in order to burn fat—this cannot be overemphasized enough. Let us tell you why water helps your body burn fat. I bet you will go get a glass after this! Here is a great tip for you: a large sip is about an ounce of water. For me, it is a shade under an ounce, but it’s really close. So, if I drink ten sips of water (these are good-size sips) I know I’m getting about eight to ten ounces of water. I do not have to measure it out that way. Since I aim for about at least 120 ounces of water per day (more if I am exercising), this makes it easy to calculate. Fifteen or twenty sips of water during or between each meal and I’m set! Your body’s fat-burning super-organ is the liver. The liver is also a multi-tasking son-ofa-gun. When the kidneys need help in the filtration process, they call on the liver for the assistance. This is a concern if you want to burn more body fat. Every minute the liver spends helping out the kidneys is one minute the liver is not spending doing its real job: helping you burn body fat. Since the kidneys are assisted tremendously by adequate water intake, the key to keeping this relationship between the liver and kidneys happy is to drink sufficient amounts of water. You do not have to overdo the water. You can actually damage your body if you drink too much water at one time. Spacing water out over the day and getting about one quart for every 50-75 pounds of bodyweight is absolutely vital to the fat-burning process—and that is far more than the average person is drinking. On the EODD plans you will be drinking water in between your meals so that you can take advantage of the fat-burning power of water. THE mAgIc Of glucAgOn Your low calorie EODD Burn days set your body up for handling all the carbohydrates and calories that will be coming on the following Feed day. By lowering calories, fats, and carbohydrates all at once, the body produces very little insulin. Lowering insulin output is critical due to the fact that the fat-releasing hormone glucagon is now allowed to roam free. 45 The Every Other Day Diet EveryOtherDayDiet.com u s I n g fAT f O R f u E l Obviously decreasing calories results in weight loss, but we are interested in fat loss. As I covered above, fat loss will come to a halt unless the body is tricked into believing it is not being starved. If you starve yourself, you will store a ton of fat in the process. If you starve yourself, you will store a ton of fat in the process. On the EODD Plans, we set the body up to need extra food. This would normally be a bad thing if you ate all you wanted or ate that extra food for more than one day, but the EODD Plans circumvent these potential problems and allows you to enjoy that extra food—and use plenty of body fat for fuel in the process. D E T O x I f I c AT I O n By its very nature, the EODD will help the body to slowly detoxify itself from chemicals, metals and sugars. Eating large quantities of vegetables and drinking pure water supports this process. Detoxification is like tuning your engine, priming it to function more efficiently. THE EInsTEIn PRIncIPlE EODD also works because it is easy. This is what I call The Einstein Principle. Albert Einstein was rumored to only have one set of clothes. He duplicated this set seven times, one set for each day. In this way, Einstein wasted no thought on what to wear for the day. He was overly concerned with saving his thoughts for the enormous task of figuring out the mysteries of the cosmos. This principle works in dieting as well. Not having to think about what to eat frees your mind to concentrate on other things. For example, many people report they can think more clearly after fasting for a few days. One reason for this is the fact that the brain was given a break from focusing on nourishment. While we are not going that far, the EODD Plans make the process of eating to burn fat simple. Einstein was also famous for saying, “Make everything as simple as possible, but not one bit more simple than is necessary.” That is what the EODD Plans deliver to you—simplicity and effectiveness combined. So, it’s time to introduce you to the most simple way to eat you can imagine. It’s one that gives you freedom from calorie counting and wondering how much food to consume. This plan is so easy, it’s a SNAPP! 46 Get Your FULL ACCESS VERSION of The Every Other Day Diet! The Every Other Day Diet™ System—a 184-page in-SNAPP! Weight Loss Success Kit that reveals every principle behind our revolutionary “no calorie-counting”, “eat the foods you love” System for life-long weight loss and health! You Get… Our Easy Exercise Guide and over 60 recipes and meal plans! A full YEAR of weekly motivation and encouragement from our Every Other Day Diet Memeber's Only Forum! A full YEAR of Holly's Weekly Recipe Secrets!, with a variety of new Dieter's Choice Recipes and Smoothies weekly! PLUS NINE SUPER BONUSES—a value of over $197.00! Instant access to everything! We save you money by offering the entire System in instant access digital files. Super easy to download, too! If you can read this text, you can access our System within seconds! 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