quiz 2 ch 204 - Version 016/AABAA – Quiz 2 – Lyon –...

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Unformatted text preview: Version 016/AABAA – Quiz 2 – Lyon – (52635) 1 This print-out should have 6 questions. Multiple-choice questions may continue on the next column or page – find all choices before answering. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 AA AB AC AD BA BB BC 8 9 10 BACK NEXT BD CA CB CC CD Retries for answers to questions are allowed on this quiz. No re-grade of hard copies will be considered. The quiz scores will be available at 10AM today on Quest. 001 10.0 points An example of a chemical change is 1. melting ice. 2. dissolving sugat in tea. 3. mixing alcohol and water. 4. a rusting nail. correct Explanation: The process of rusting involves a change that is a chemical change. 002 10.0 points Which of the following is a chemical property of sulfur? 1. melts at 119 ◦ C 2. burns in air correct 3. density of 2.07 g/ml 4. dissolves in carbon disulfide Explanation: Burning in air as opposed to melting or dis- solving shows a change it undergoes in chem- ical composition. Melting and dissolving are physical properties not chemical.physical properties not chemical....
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quiz 2 ch 204 - Version 016/AABAA – Quiz 2 – Lyon –...

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