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ELOCUTIONISTS   3 general needs for effective English oral communication In terms of coming out of cultural/social needs, 3 items: Thomas Sheridan  (1719-1788) Lectures on Elocution , 1763 Pronunciation system of visible marks Want on to discuss: Articulation, pronunciation, accent, emphasis, pauses or stops,  pitch, tone, and gestures. A Rhetorical Grammar of the English Language , 1788. body language John Walker (1732-1807) scientific treatment  Elements of Elocution , 1781 Gesturing science 1
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 Inflections   Used a “system of notation made of inclined planes”
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Unformatted text preview: ---\ ---/ Inflections essential for bringing out emphasis. A Rhetorical Grammar, or a Course of Lectures in Elocution 1785. (different from Sheridan’s book) imitate teachers teach a notation system circumflexes. circumflex: /\ Gilbert Austin 1753 - 1837 gesturing Chironomia: or a Treatise on Rhetorical Delivery , 1806 notational system “significant gestures.” Expressions of Countenance: Appealing. 2 Attention Veneration Aversion Horror 3...
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Outline_Elocutionists - ---\ ---/ Inflections essential for...

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