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2 Outline_Cultural_Overview - Culture Behind Classical...

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Culture Behind Classical Rhetoric Greece invent; big in creating, defining, Rome refine? And Rome work with law. I. Greece (500 BC - 500 AD) a. Overview of the period b. Greek Culture and Life Geography and climate map… lots of shoreline… surrounded by sea, not landbound – did a lot of seafaring…trading(?). very mountainous. All the cities in valleys… easier to sail around than to hike over mountains… city- states developed fairly independently. Was an overall culture, and depended on each other for trade, but still very isolated. Good communication… necessary for trade. Trade – exposure to ideas and collection/meshing of ideas characteristic of Greece Trade lots of trade. Communication. See above City-states/Pan-Hellenism city-states: independent structure, organization, everything etc. pan- Hellenism: movement to unite Greece. (pan-…, Hellenism – Greece) Tyrants – one person in control. Not always horrible… benevolent dictator, but “abs power corrupts absolutely” Oligarchy small group controls everything. Usually group of wealthiest of largest land owners –
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2 Outline_Cultural_Overview - Culture Behind Classical...

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