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ECE 1574 Homework Set #8 Tanuj Godara 905279307 This assignment is to be done individually Complete the lab exercise and answer questions 1 and 2 during the lab session. Answer the other questions later. LAB EXERCISE Consider the electrical circuit shown. ------2 ohms---- ----3 ohms----- | | | | | | | | --- ---- ---- | | | | | | | | | | | | | ------4 ohms---- -----5 ohms---- | | | 100 volts 10 - 20 ohms | | | | ___ ___ - - In the circuit, there are a 100-volt DC source, a 2-ohm resistor in parallel with a 4-ohm resistor, and then a 3-ohm resistor in parallel with a 5-ohm resistor. The circuit is terminated in a load whose value varies randomly logarithmically, as in last week’s lab, between 10 and 20 ohms. Run a Monte Carlo simulation, estimating the expected (that is, the average) current through each of the five resistors. REQUIREMENTS 1. Write a function called parallel_resistance() which takes two resistances as arguments and returns their combined resistance in parallel. 2. Write a function called series_resistance() which takes two resistances as arguments and returns their combined resistance in series. 3. Stage the two functions together in a namespace called Resistance_Addition, presented in a header Resistance_Addition.h and coded in a program-source file
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Resistance_Addition.cpp. Expose these functions in your program’s main . cpp file by an appropriate #include and use them there wherever parallel or series addition of resistances is needed. 4. Give using statements in your . cpp files as seems advisable to you, but (a) do not give any using statements in your header ( using statements in a header are usually a bad idea, because they apply not only to the header itself but also, indiscriminately, to every program-source file in which the header is #included ) and (b) do not issue a using namespace directive anywhere in your program, for any reason (that is, don’t dump your namespaces: you may write “using std::cout;” and the like, but do not write “using namespace std;”.) 5. In your main program-source file, write a function void calculate_both_currents( double ra, double rb, double v, double *ia, double *ib ) which, given two resistors connected in parallel, calculates and stores the current each resistor carries.
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