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Outline_Cicero_Quintillian - 1 RomeoftheRepublic...

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Rome of the Republic Cicero    Background : (106-43 B.C)  Some equestrian background Had a sort of “internship” with the tribune.  Upper classes trained to run country . Major rhetorical works De inventione summary of the load of rules in Rhetorica ad Herinnium (about the  “five cannons” and stuff). --book was about how to create argument (legal rhetoric/speaking) --kinda reads like a manual --Cicero thought that it was an immature piece of writing --book is still read in rhetorical practice today Money quote: “Men ought to study oratory in order that charlatans  may not attain political power harmful to good citizens and to the  community.” (should use Rhetoric for the good of the people) 1
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De Oratore system of general culture. --wrote this about 40 years after writing previous writing.
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  • Spring '08
  • declamation.  Suasoria Controversia, creative rhetoric  ­­number, Major rhetorical works, best speaking style, logic ­­study oratory

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Outline_Cicero_Quintillian - 1 RomeoftheRepublic...

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