AP GOV UNIT 3 Vocab - United Kingdom: -Universal Suffrage:...

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United Kingdom: -Universal Suffrage: Suffrage to all – whites, blacks, women, etc. - Role in Religion: Very little role in religion, only 15% are active church goers. - Prime Minister: Head of Government, appoints 22 Cabinet members - Ethnic Division: 4.7 million ethnic minorities in GB, or 7.9%. Indians = largest minority at 21.7%. Then Pakistani’s, Bangladeshis, and blacks. - Constitutional Reforms: Lacks a formal written Constitution, no single unified and authoritative text that has special status above ordinary law, unlike the US where the Constitution is law. Bill of Rights = 1689 – defined relationship between monarchy and Parliament. Almost “outdated” – permits two unelected hereditary institutions (the Crown, and House of Lords). - Recent Economic Trends: - Westminster model : a form of democracy based in the supreme authority of Parliament and the accountability of its elected representatives; named after the site of Parliament building in Westminster, a borough of London. - European Union: Affects British judiciary a lot. As a member of the EU, Britain must abide by the European Court of Justice (ECJ), European Convention of Human Rights (EUHR), etc. These institutions
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AP GOV UNIT 3 Vocab - United Kingdom: -Universal Suffrage:...

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