Post Modernism Assignment

Post Modernism Assignment - Messina 1 Erik Messina Mr....

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Messina 1 Erik Messina Mr. Pursley ENGL 215 11 March 2010 Postmodern Themes in Waiting for Godot : Samuel Beckett employs the tedium of time to create plot from the absence of plot, while creating a parody of the quest to find the possibility of meaning. Beckett abandons those grand narratives “that began with the Enlightenment, such as the liberation of humanity or the unification of all knowledge,” (Finney) in Waiting for Godot . With the unstable social reality of the time, postmodern fictions could not use the rules of writing of the past. Postmodern fiction stories must “work without rules in order to formulate the rules of what will have been done” in order to make sense of their work within the unsound reality. In a world deprived of meaning Samuel Beckett “had to express this meaninglessness with words that necessarily convey meaning.” Samuel Beckett uses the element of Godot as a possibility of meaning in the lives of Estragon and Vladimir. They wait for this meaning to come along so that they can live their lives for a purpose. The focus on time is prevalent in Waiting for Godot , where Estragon and Vladimir spend two days waiting for something or someone that never comes. Beckett uses the interaction between these two characters to pass the time of waiting while portraying their everyday routine, along with the hardships they face, and the obstacles they have to overcome. Waiting for Godot conveys a theme of time’s being annoyingly slow, and with this many events are fit into these two days. Beckett makes use of two days to symbolize many years worth of monotony. While the general connotation of waiting is that one is waiting for something, Estragon and Vladimir
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Post Modernism Assignment - Messina 1 Erik Messina Mr....

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