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Exam 2 Study Guide Religion

Exam 2 Study Guide Religion - REL 124 Understanding the...

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REL 124 Understanding the Bible: Study Guide for Test #2. The exam will be mostly multiple choice, some short answers and a map identification as noted below. Be sure to check the “documents” list on Blackboard so you are not missing any items posted there. Be sure to grasp basic concepts and definitions and do not get lost in details. You do not need to memorize chapter and verse numbers from the Bible and will not be tested on them. Lectures: know the material covered in class during lecture on these topics (see syllabus): The Concept ”Torah”: Introduction to the Pentateuch, Comparative ANE King Lists and Law Lists (basic definitions and features), Prophecy in the ANE (basic definitions and features), Book of Jonah (know characters & plot line), Rise & Influence of Greek & Roman Cultures (essential dates, events, cultural changes), Evolving Jewish Culture in the Greek and Roman Periods, The Dead Sea Scrolls (basic issues as discussed in class). Major Events in Hellenistic and Roman History (see this page on Blackboard). Know these dates with their events, see Harris textbook (Box 28.1 on pp. 270-271) for
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