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W ATER Q UALITY L AB R EPORT INTRODUCTION: 4 PTS List parameters tested for each water sample Why should one care about water quality for your particular samples? EXPERIMENTAL: 4 PTS Mention specifically where you obtained your water samples List and very briefly describe each test preformed on water sample(s) Reference course website and any additional procedural info RESULTS: 8 PTS Table(s) comparing the test results on two (or more, if applicable) water samples Sample of each type of calculation performed Visual survey of sampling site, if conducted Any additional relevant charts, graphs, tables, or maps (e.g., absorbance vs. conc. graph for PO 4 -3 ) DISCUSSION: 15 PTS How did your group choose your sampling sites?
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Unformatted text preview: What differences and similarities do you see between the samples? What could have caused these differences? What are the implications of your findings? Explain possible sources of error Describe the impact that specific errors would have on experiment results Briefly propose how, given additional time, you could expand the scope of your water quality study CONCLUSIONS: 4 PTS What did your group study/do? What results did you obtain? What can you conclude about the quality of the water your group studied? REFERENCE(S): 1 PTS F ORMATTING : 4 PTS UNITS SIG FIGS GRAPHS GRAMMAR SPELLING COVER PAGE...
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