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N AME : ______________________ T HERMODYNAMICS L AB R EPORT : ___/40 I NTRODUCTION : 4 PTS disc. of specific heat, calorimetry, Hess's law, and other relevant Thermodynamics concepts discussion of purposes for each Part of experiment E XPERIMENTAL : 2 PTS reference to course website and any additional procedural info R ESULTS : 10 PTS Result table from Part 1 Result table from Part 2 Result table from Part 3 (incl. other groups' results if shared with class) calculation for determination of H (Part 1 and 2) Hess's Law-type calculation (Part 2) %Error for Part 2 H comb result versus textbook H f (MgO(s)) calculation of heat content per gram of fuel (Part 3) D ISCUSSION : 15 PTS general description of expt. strategies, including whether goals were met mention of exothermic versus endothermic nature of processes studied mention nature of salts dissolving in H 2 O to produce a cooling or a warming effect (Part 1)
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Unformatted text preview: discussion of Hess’ law with respect to the chemical equations needed (Part 2) discussion of trend between oxygen content and energy content of fuels (Part 3) discussion of expected vs. obtained results, including whether each goal was met explanation of likely sources of error in each Part (including assumptions made in calcs.) explanation of potential impact of experimental error in each Part C ONCLUSIONS : 4 PTS restatement of overall experimental goals restatement of fundamental experimental approaches R EFERENCE ( S ): 1 PTS F ORMATTING : 4 PTS ( I . E . FORMATTING DEDUCTIONS CAPPED AT 4 POINTS ) N O T ITLE P AGE , MINUS 1 N OT TYPED , MINUS 3 F IRST-PERSON PRONOUN ( S ) USED , MINUS 1 M ULTIPLE MISSPELLINGS , MINUS 2 N O UNITS , MINUS 1 PER VIOLATION ( RESTRICTED BY 4-POINT FORMATTING CAP )...
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